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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Tonight is the night: LeBron returns to Cleveland for the first time...video, security, investigations and Mo Williams

So...here's the latest in the saga.

Rob Mahoney from Hardwood Paroxysm created this great video montage of LeBron's move to Miami. The song used in the video is a cover of Wilco’s “I Am Trying to Break Your Heart” by JC Brooks & the Uptown Sound.

Cool right?

Also, did you know...

LeBron has had security all season? And the HEAT, for the first time this season have not released their travel plans to Cleveland.

The Heat and the NBA have taken additional security measures to ensure the safety of James and the team this season. Those efforts are expected to increase when the team travels to Cleveland immediately after Wednesday night’s home game against Detroit.
The Heat typically release the team’s travel schedule, hotel location and pregame workout plans as a courtesy to select media outlets that cover the team for home and away games
James, Wade, Bosh
The decision to keep details of the trip private raises speculation that the Heat might elect not to stay in a downtown Cleveland hotel, as the team normally does when facing the Cavaliers.

and... What does this have to do with Mo Williams?Well, Here's what he had to say...

James, Williams in better times.
“This game is not just for us,” Williams said following practice Wednesday. “It’s the 20,000 fans and the millions watching who will be pulling for us. We’ve got people who aren’t even Cavs fans who will be pulling for us. We’ve got a lot behind us.”
“It’s definitely more than a game, I can tell you that,” Williams said. “This game has been circled. There’s a lot of playoff feeling going on.”
“The whole world is watching,” Williams said. “It’s something that will go in the history books. I’ll be a part of it. I’m proud of that.”
“That’s in the past,” he said. “It’s over and done with. We can go on and on with it. We talked about it. This summer, I voiced my opinions. I put it behind me. It’s not personal. It’s not personal at all.”

Oh, wait...there's more...

Dan Gilbert himself.
A source reports that the Cavs hired a firm to probe Heat's pursuit of LeBron this summer.
Yahoo! Sports reported on Wednesday that Gilbert has paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to a Midwestern law firm to investigate suspicions that the Heat broke NBA tampering rules while pursuing James, who left the Cavs after seven seasons to join fellow stars Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade in Miami.

Game on! We've got our DVR set, because there's bound to be replayable moments.