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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Video: Matt Barnes and Gloria Govan Together + He Denies Knowing Candy-Deep-Throat

From the website theybf.com, Matt Barnes' folks sent them a statement denying that he knows the prostitute named Candy Deep Throat.
(The prostitute went on Twitter claiming she was the one who broke up his engagement. Story)

Matt, of course, replied back on Twitter. But in a more official statement to the website The YBF, his people sent this:

“Matt Barnes does not know this so-called prostitute named ‘Candy’. All her allegations are false. She is personally attacking Barnes to gain fame and popularity.”

Also, Gloria and Matt went on KTLA to promote the "Basketball Wives" show they are on:

*OK. Then...if you are better than the show...why are you on it?*
I'm just saying

Mattand Gloria in their Orlando home
photo of Candy that's floating around the internet