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Thursday, December 16, 2010

NBA Superstar Seeks Dominant Forward to Take Talents to NYC (Midtown)

That's Amar'e seeking the sidekick we knows wants to join him.... on Craigslist.

28 Year-Old NBA Superstar seeks 26 year old fellow NBA Superstar to join in quest for NBA Title.

Maintaining excellent team rapport while putting up All-Star caliber stats.
Ability to deflect media scrutiny with wit, charm, and confidence.
Ability to score 40+ points on any given night.
Willing to forgo playing defense for the good of the team.

NBA Experience for 7 Years or More.
Some college preferred, no degree required.
Must be current Team Superstar looking for a change of scenery in a contract year.
Must have played in big games on the MSG Floor at least on the Collegiate level.
Best chance to land this job is if your name rhymes with Barbello Banthony.

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