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Monday, February 28, 2011

Video: A Day in the Life of Tyson Chandler

Take this as a mini-reality show. (But if you are familiar with Tyson Chandler at all...he likes to blog and make videos of his life.)

So in this 10 minute look, Chandler allows  Mavs.com to shoot "A Day in the Life" Episode 1.

FYI...There are so far 3 Episodes up, if you want to subscribe.

Tyson Chandler is ready for Hollywood.
*So what do you think? Is he entertaining? Will he be the next reality star?* 

The Association: Boston Celtics, Episode 3

Have you been watching this series on NBA TV or ESPN 2?
Think HBO's "Hard Knocks"...but way more edited.
Here's the preview to Espisode 3

The Big Three
*Episode 4 airs March 16th at 7pm ET.   

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Quote Of The Week: Phil Jackson

We shared with you Mark Cuban's comments on the Kings and Hornets trade at the deadline this week. Well now Lakers head coach Phil Jackson has weighed in and actually concurs with Cuban. Phil is why you must love the NBA he's going to get his point across and speak what's on his mind and he did just that again for our quote of the week.

Jackson told the LA Times...

"I want to know who is making that trade and how they can take on that salary when everybody else in the league — I mean this is the owners — [has] to take on this extra salary," said Jackson, and he wasn't done. "Those are things that seem to be manipulations that I'm not quite comfortable with.

Phil wasn't going to leave it at that...

"Where's the consensus? If New Orleans happens to win the championship, does everybody get a trophy in the NBA?"

Motown Comedy Hour

That is our friend is Tracy McGrady of the Detroit Pistons getting one last laugh on what was a "funny" day for the Detroit Pistons. The laugh by T-Mac, on the bench, came when Piston Head Coach (for now, according to Marc Stein of ESPN) John Kuester's ejection from their game in Philly tonight. Safe to say there is no brotherly love being felt by the clan from Motown.

All of this laughter could be brought on by what is being thrown around as a "player protest" when only 6 members of the Pistons made it to shootaround. Tracy McGrady, Richard Hamilton, Tayshun Prince and Chris Wilcox skipped out on the practice. Looking at the box score none of them received playing time and you can add Austin Daye and Rodney Stuckey to the DNP list also. So in essence the Pistons played rec ball playing only 6 players all night.

Kuester said earlier in the day when questioned about the absences...

“We’ll go with the group that was here,” said Kuester. “We got a number of guys that have a bug.

Wonder if it dawned on him that HE may the bug and the only thing left to do was remove himself from the game. That's funny, especially since the guys with the bug were on the bench. If you got the bug stay at the hotel, wait they did that earlier in the day.

Wow too much going on in Detroit. All of this and they still have a shot at the 8th spot. Hey you'll got to find the positive in this thing. Wonder how the plane rides are, maybe that's why some missed the bus to shootaround.

Perkins Saluting KG By Wearing Number 5 in OKC?

The love and friendships does run deep in the NBA. The remaining Celtics didn't take the trading of Kendrick Perkins all that well.

With that Perkins is going to return the favor as best he can to at least to one the hardest working defensive player this league has seen. Perkins is now a member of the OKC Thunder and with his old jersey number 43 being available, word has it that he'll opt for jersey number 5 as a tribute/salute to former Celtic teammate Kevin Garnett. Now that's a helluva gesture, beneath the surface. If Perkins picked up anything from KG it will reflect in his game once he's on the floor and mentally comfortable with testing that knee. In someways he's showing that with his heart and respect for the elder statesmen who also arrive directly in the NBA via the high school ranks.

That Celtic bunch was a tight knit bunch!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Video: Blake Griffin and Kia..A Slam Dunk Of A Commercial

From the moment Blake Griffin submitted his idea of jumping over a car for a dunk the NBA marketing gems went to work. They made sure it was a car by an NBA sponsor and then the positioning of the car, prime for the ad you'll now see running the rest of the NBA season

The end result a perfect dunk in a live dunk contest that is now a commercial. Blake may as well sign an endorsement deal with Kia, serious business. After all it is a business right?

How do you feel about this commercial and the marketing behind it? Clever or Obvious?

EXCLUSIVE: NBA-FP behind the scenes at All Star 2011

Sorry for the delay...but our team is just getting back to town. We had to filter through everything, but believe me...it was worth the wait.
First I want to introduce you to our special contributor Kori Frederick.

She's the ultimate hustler and always gets what she wants. She knows sports and check out what she's got for ya.

Click the photo to view the gallery

Here's an exclusive NBA-FP  video: Behind the scenes at All Star Practice!

Celtics Dealing With Loss of Perkins

Kevin Garnett discuses the trades made by tthe Boston Celtics earlier in the day.

Paul Pierce talk about the lost of kendrick Perkins

The trade deadline, expiring contracts, freeing up cap space, getting match ups for the postseason reminds us that it's still a business. Like Piecr said "We just hope that Danny and Doc know what they are doing". Pierce also added that he was able to see him develop since high school. Yes many don't even know Perkins came straight from high school and his being traded has this much effect on a Boston Celtic team.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Marbury Weighs In On Trades and Player Destinations

With the whirlwind of trades and movement as the trade deadline approached, Stephon Marbury took to Twitter to express his feelings. And remember you can see all of your favorite NBA player Tweets right here on NBA Frontpage

Maybe this is just to make Marbury feel better about having been an NBA player at one time. Knicks fans responded with " We have Melo so were ok".

This folks is why the CBA/lockout talk is real, because it's business.

Boston Did What? Ok Anybody Seen Rasheed Wallace

Wait, the Celtic's just shipped out Kendrick Perkins, Nate Robinson to OKC. Semih Erden and Luke Harangody by the Lake...Erie that is. Wait the Celtics just did what? Open up a roster spot for Rasheed Wallace?

That's some of the word when it comes to Rasheed. He's open to a comeback only if an open roster spot is with the Celtics. Were still trying to digest the Celtic moves today and were really giving grief to a staff member that claimed 1-15 the Celtics were the best. Since this trade we haven't heard anything from them except the big 4 plus Shaq and Jermaine O'Neal. That's only 6 and we did them a favor and threw in Glen Davis to make it 7 (maybe that Carmelo math is still in our heads). This only added to the thought of Rip Hamilton in Celtic Green. At least his name would be spelled right in Boston. We kindly warned the chances of that were thin as of today but now tomorrow who knows.

Things had just been quiet in Boston, then BOOM!

Want More Scottie Pippen, Ok You Got It.

Scottie Pippen has coming back on the scene for quite sometime now. Well he just landed some playoff basketball work on press row. Pippen will be joining the Chicago Bulls telecast to add color with Play-by-Play man Neil Funk and Stacey King on color.

James J. Corno president of Comcast SportsNet Chicago said...

"Scottie Pippen is most certainly one of the greatest players in NBA history whose knowledge and passion of the game is second to none,” said James J. Corno, President of Comcast SportsNet Chicago. “We’re thrilled Scottie will be on our team with Neil and Stacey for the March 4th telecast at Orlando, along with every Bulls playoff telecast on Comcast SportsNet this spring.”

It should be exciting to see Pippen bring his knowledge to the broadcast world. Especially after dropping 17 in the celeb game we at least know he still has it. Just don't know if he or Stacey will say it first though "Remember when were playing against xyz that time and...that happen...and coach told us..." and then Neil will chime in with a remark. Just one note to Pip don't do the Eric Snow on the mic ok. The Bulls should never put anyone to sleep.

Watch The Crowd At MSG Go Wild For Melo

You think Knicks fans are excited to finally have Carmelo Anthony in New York?

Anthony is wearing number 7 because it is the difference in 22 (his HS number at Oak Hill in VA) and 15 (his pro number in Denver/college number at Syracuse)

Daniel Gibson Upset At Photos

Reports are Daniel Gibson is a little upset about a report of his wife, Keisha Cole, as nude photos have surfaced on the net.

Well let's hope this gets taken care of soon.

Derrick Rose Will Rock Crazy 8's Tonight

The Miami Heat are in town for a Thursday night tilt versus the Bulls. Two teams with the beautiful colors of red, black and white. Well Derrick Rose will lace up in the Adidas Crazy 8 shoe in the those colors for tonight only.

We love the shoe game as much as you guys do.

"Iceman" George Gervin and Katie Smith Teaching Hoops

When you think San Antonio Spurs and the number 44 you know it's the "Iceman" George Gervin. Gervin and two-time WNBA champion Katie Smith are teaching the game overseas. Seen here in India with school children. The game of basketball is a fun one and when you've got an NBA legend and WNBA champion reaching out the game will only continue to grow.

Look at the expressions on the kids faces when Gervin spins that pill, with the ice touch.

Katie Smith shows off her stroke at the clinic

The clinic was setup by the U.S. Department of States Sports United Sports Envoy Program, hitting grassroots sports overseas.

Baron Davis To Play By The Lake...Erie

Baron Davis has thrown his last alley-oops to Blake Griffin this season. Davis was traded to Cleveland for Mo Williams, Jamario Moon and a first round pick this year. Davis sat out against New Orleans tonight with a "sore knee".

Baron Davis and Antawn Jamison (if he's not moved by 3pm EST). Safe to say Cavs will win at least 14 games this season.

Carmello In Big Apple Means Business for LaLa

No more photoshop needed. All pictures of Carmello Anthony in a Knicks uniform you see going forward should be real So real that the Knicks went throwback in honor of their 1969-70 championship team as they celebrated their 40th anniversary.

Well Melo has a lovely wife in La La Vasquez and it seems as though they will get back into the reality TV business with the focus on La La. There was so much success from their reality show behind their wedding ("LaLa's Full Court Wedding"), that when your in the number one media market in the nation you've got to put it to good use and Vasquez is.

From VH1...

“Viewers connect with La La because despite the fairy tale wedding and NBA star husband, she is a real, down to Earth, hardworking woman who stays true to herself. The best thing about the new series is that while pursuing and realizing her dreams, La La gets to take us back to her home in New York, where her story began.”

The Show, "LaLa's Full Court Life" will pick up where the last one ended and is slated for debut in August 2011. So that smile you saw on LaLa's face at the Garden is a really giddy smile.

Her husband is hooping where he wanted to and she can continue to handle her business as well, from home.

27 points (on 10 of 25 shooting) 10 rebounds, 2 rips and 1 dime in a W, in case you were wondering how the debut went. All in a days work for the AnthoNY/Vasquez household.

Cuban Speaks And He Has A Point...But

So the Hornets pulled off a trade today sending reserve shooting guard Marcus Thornton with suspect defense for Monty Williams' liking to Sacramento for Carl Landry and cash. Now we're just taking a stab at this but maybe it's because of the cash that has Cuban saying this...

“That’s just wrong. That’s just wrong. That’s just absolutely, positively wrong,’” Cuban said. “I’ll probably go against the grain from everybody else, but that is so far wrong that it’s not even close.

“There’s so few teams in the league that can afford to do that and yet we’re allowing a team that’s owned by the league to do that?”

“I don’t need to be competing economically with the league and myself,” Cuban said.

Now in the event you've been under a rock, the Hornets are owned by the NBA because they have not been able to find a buyer for the team that is willing to keep the team in the Big Easy.

While Cuban's comments have value you also have to understand that just because a team,-for the meantime- is owned by the league should not allow them to operate as any other team when it comes to wheeling and dealing. At the end of the day they are in it to win it. Maybe it's because they are in the same division as Cuban's Mavericks and how this trade really fills a need in the forecourt and on defense. All were saying is Cuban has nothing to say about how the Hornets have been without their star center Emeka Okafor the past 10 games and how that has effected the Hornets defense the last 10 games or so.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Video: The Heat Expeience, LBJ dunking On A Giraffe?

The guys were clowning a round backstage before the game while waiting for a teammate.

Maybe one day we'll see what LeBron will do in a dunk contest.

Carmelo Anthony Debut With The Knicks Bitter Sweet For Gallinari Fans

Danilo Gallinari
While most Knicks fans were rejoicing when they heard Carmelo Anthony was finally going to play for New York, there were some who were left feeling conflicted with the amount the Knicks had to give up to get him.  Danilo Gallinari only played with New York for a little over two seasons, but in that time he quickly became a fan favorite.  The Italian born 22 year old was a refreshing addition to the New York roster with his humble personality. While Felton and Chandler ran from the media on their last day in the Knicks locker room, Danilo Gallinari and Timofey Mazgov adressed the media.  This kind of behavior is what made Gallinari a fan favorite and on and off the court. New York Times reporter Liz Gibbons spoke with one local Italian restaurant owner about the hole left in their business now that their number one customer is over 1600 miles away.

Lamenting a Knicks Trade Over Veal Scaloppine. 

Lakers, Chris Webber At Hall Of Games Awards

Lakers Derek Fisher, Kobe Bryant and Shannon Brown were honored at Cartoon Network's Hall Of Games Awards.

Fab Five member and now analyst Chris Webber was in the house also.

Brown's wife Monica was in attendance

Venus Williams was also and caught up with Kobe.

The kids are going to get all excited when they see these guys when Hall of Games airs later this week. Gotta love that!

NBA History: All Stars And Champions

The 60th All Star Game played in Los Angeles' Staples Center, gave us plenty of history and things to notice.

Kobe Bryant dropped in 37 points, grabbed 14 rebounds, added 3 dimes, and 3 rips to earn his 4th All Star Game MVP, tying him with Bob Pettit.

Bob Pettit? All he did was average 20.3ppg and 16.1rpg in 11 All Star Games winning the MVP four times and has a championship ring.

Pettit's #9 hangs in the rafters of The Highlight Factor along with The Human Highlight Reel's #21. How is it you didn't know who he was?

Micheal Jordan played his way to the tune of 14 points 11 rebounds and 11 assist in '97 for the first every triple-double in All Star Game History. Those are Rajon Rondo type numbers when he gets those type of triple-doubles.

LeBron James used 14 points in the fourth quarter to tally 29 points 12 rebounds and 10 assist for his triple-double and played with much emotion in the closing moments. It was an All Star Game and playing on the floor with the best in the game should bring out the competitive fire and with Kobe and LeBron it did. Jordan's '97 team won, LeBron's 2011 team didn't. Kobe's won with an MVP to boot.

And now that Carmello Anthony and Amare Stoudemire will wear the same uniform now...

it happens just in time for the celebration of 40th Anniversary of the 1969-70 championship Knicks team that will be honored at halftime.

The Garden should be festive as February 23rd 2011 will be written. Also for the movement made by Denver, they will receive the biggest trade exception in NBA History with the exception close to $17.15M.

UPDATED: Carmelo in New York, Dressed In Gear

Carmello Anthony has arrived to suit up for the New York Knicks. He's accompanied by his wife LaLa Vasquez. The Knicks host the Milwaukee Bucks tonight to open the Melo Era.

Speaking with some faithful Knicks' fans, they are aware it's not going to happen overnight.

True indeed it may not but you can play your cards with them next year over Miami. Celtics are too much in 2011.

This my friends is "The Melo" sandwich. $22 will snatch you one from Carnegie Deli. This thing is huge much like a Ghettoburger from Ann's Snack Bar in Atlanta or the Ribs at Ms. Marian's in Chesapeake, VA.

From The New York Daily Times:

"We threw in bacon because he's gonna bring the bacon back to New York," said owner Sandy Levine. "And the salami - it's a spicy meat - he's going to spice up the team and spice up the fans."

Even the Russian dressing has meaning. Levine finished off the $22 sandwich with a slather of the dressing as a playful jab at Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov, who failed to snag the four-time All-Star.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Artest Speaks...With Sense Even If It Doesn't Make Any To You, It Does To Him

Well All Star weekend is behind us as the NBA schedule picks back up but we just keep getting stuff in from the weekend that we can't turn our backs to.

Ron Artest (yes just stay with us on this one) released his Mix tape over the weekend with very little fanfare but with much respect from the music industry.

Tonya Raymond of BallerStatus.com went in-depth with Ron Ron and actually came away with some sense of all the Ron Ron chatter...or lack of. On the topic of music Artest shared...

I've been speaking to a lot of these guys for a lot of years. When I first got in the music industry, people were kind of saying they don't know if basketball players are serious, and that was a bit disturbing. The biggest thing I did was the "Champion" song and then a lot of people were saying "Yo, that's a dope song". Nas told me he liked it and then The Game called my cell phone and was like "Yo Ron, that's a dope song. I didn't know you could deliver and had swag like that." I was totally shocked. I think a lot of people heard "Champion" -- it gives us a chance to do records with real artists and be a part of the industry.

I did a couple things with Fat Joe -- you got to build a lot of friends in the industry 'cause when you first get in it, there's a lot of sharks, mainly the people that's doing the business. In the music industry, you don't need a college degree, you don't know who the sharks are. I've been taken to deep waters and I've learned a lot in the music business, so I'm actually pretty good at the business now and becoming a better artist.

Hey you gotta give Artest cred he's at least doing his homework and studying. Now Ron is also in the shoe business. He claims the shoes are like Lambos...

Ball'n is my company -- me, Rodney, and another company called Mercury. Three owners. The shoe is not that expensive and it has something called D3o in it, when you have impact it absorbs more impact -- D30's in Lamborghini's. And actually no shoe has it, so my shoe is like a Lamborghini for $50.

Well aight then Ron and Lambo for 50 beans sounds good to me but I know better, that's half a tank for that whip but for the footwear, anythings worth a shot.

NBA-FP TV: Weekly 2/22/2011

Were all over All Star Weekend for you in this weeks edition of NBA-FP TV. TRT 4:10

All Star Grooming...Beard Style

Who says Baron Davis doesn't lead the way. He must make sure that the beards in the NBA are up to standard.

The funniest thing about this pic are the expressions on the faces of Brandon Jennings, Chris Bosh and Bosh's fiance Allison. As you can also see Al Horford decided it wasn't worth it to pay any attention to the bread grooming session. Oh and the camera guy is so amused he has to make sure he's getting the shot just right!

Video: All Star Intro "All Of The Lights" w/Kanye

Just check it out and enjoy. A fun fun watch with cool effects to boot.

Fitting wouldn't ya say?

Spotted: Round 5 All Star Dinner From 2Kings

And we just keep getting them in for you folks as the All Star Weekend shuts down. Here's who dropped in at Lebron and Jay-Z's 2011 "2Kings Dinner". It was the 2 year of the event.

Jigga and LBJ take a moment to pose together

Amber Rose cashed in her invite.

Steeler's Head Coach Mike Tomlin....wait a second, Omar Epps excuse us gets us everytime (damn twins we swear). Epps is joined by his wife Keisha and of course the lovely Brandy

Lebron James and Floyd Mayweather exchange greetings

LeBron enjoying the camera

Lebron joins DWade and Gabby for a quick snap

Dwayne Wade and Gabby Union in the place.

Chris Bosh with his fiance Allison

Dwayne Wade, Jay-Z and Chris Bosh are on point with the attire at the 2 Kings event.