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Monday, December 27, 2010

Steve Francis Leaves Chinese Team and Gives the Middle Finger

That was quick.
Two weeks...that's long enough!

After his NBA career and level of play spiraled downward, Francis signed with the Beijing Shougang Ducks of the Chinese Basketball Association on Dec. 14. Francis, who played with the NBA's Rockets, Knicks and Magic, a previous three-time All-Star, couldn't last more than two weeks abroad.

Steve Francis

A day after Christmas, Francis and the Ducks have apparently decided to part ways, according to NiuBBall. The report said that the breakup was mutual.

The former NBA first-teamer signed a one-year, $800,000 contract with the Ducks. But apparently "Stevie Franchise" acted like a jerk.

He butted heads with Ducks head coach Min Lulei over his lack of playing time. Francis skipped a Saturday practice and then left the bench at halftime of Sunday's game and did not return.

That was nothing compared to what he did on the court. In his first couple of games , the 33-year old Francis, acted like, well, a guy who was at the tail end of a disappointing career and bitter about it.
But wiat, there's more:
Steve Francis Shows his displeasure at a call and erects his middle finger to the crowd.