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Monday, January 31, 2011

Carlo Boozer's Mistress Opens Up

Michelle Money is a contestant on The Bachelor and has opened up about her affair with Carlos Boozer while he was still married and a member of the Utah Jazz.

Money told Life & Style in an exclusive interview...

"Yes, I was in a relationship with Carlos while he was still married. What I did was wrong. I should never have been so naive to assume what I was told was true," Michelle tells Life & Style. "I'm not trying to shy away from the fact that he was still married. I don't put that on Carlos. I don't put that on anyone but myself. I feel terrible for Cece for that pain she's had to go through and that I am a part of it." Despite Carlos' split with his wife, he and Michelle ended things in June 2009. "All I can do," Michelle says, "is try to do better with my life. I screwed up. But I can only try to do the best I can."
Well you did and it's over and now your on a reality TV show wrecking havoc for the heart of Brad Womack. Why is is so important to come out with all of this now. Maybe she's trying to show Brad she can come clean.

Gilbert Arenas' Ex-Fiance Laura Govan Continues To Air His Mess

Whoa it's really getting messy between these two, if it wasn't already messy enough. The latest is that Laura is saying straight up that the Orlando Magic guard is a deadbeat dad and is spending his money at will for any and everything he desires. Here are the confidential notes from the Washington Post

In confidential notes, Govan -- who is expecting her fourth child with Arenas -- describes fights where he repeatedly threw her out of the house, his profligate spending (including a shark tank/pool/grotto complex said to cost $1 million), lavish vacations and spending sprees at toy stores.

And yet they never had a nanny, Govan complains, according to the notes: "he would state 'you had them you watch them.' "

Their nine years together came to an end in November, shortly before Arenas was traded to the Orlando Magic and moved to Florida; Govan last month claimed through a rep that he had abandoned her and the kids, cutting off all communications and support.

But the notes -- which appear to be her version of their life together -- reveal lots of details about their relationship. Arenas, 29, and Govan, 31, first met in 2002, when she was coaching basketball at a Golden State Warriors camp. In addition to their three young children (the fourth is due in June), they went through other pregnancies that ended in miscarriages. Along the way, there were lots of break-ups and make-ups.

Some of the meeting notes confirm what Arenas himself shared on his popular, now-defunct blog: "I've done kicked her out of my house almost every weekend, yet she's still here and she still believes in me," he wrote in 2008 in a post describing his marriage proposal to her. The notes tell an almost identical story: "The reason he proposed to her is that he put her out of the house every other weekend since they met and she stays with him, so something must be working."

There's a lot about how Arenas spent his money, based on her understanding of the household finances: "he states he makes 1.5 million per month," read the notes. Arenas lavished plenty on their Great Falls home, dropping $100,000 on landscaping, $5,000 a month for housekeepers, $675 "per car" washing, and $1 million for his backyard pool and grotto. His sharks are expensive: $5,000 a month to feed them and $1,500 for a keeper to drive from Columbus to take care of them.

He was extravagant when it came to toys for the children -- ages 5, 4 and 2 -- buying a $60,000 train set and an $8,000 toy Mercedes-Benz electric car, and dropping between $30,000 and $40,000 during a shopping spree at FAO Schwartz. (Arenas also told this story on the blog, but didn't divulge the amount of money spent.)

The notes say Arenas gave Govan $8,000 a month for expenses; more than half went to pay the mortgage on a home she owns in California, and the rest went for groceries ($500-$600 a week from Peapod), doctors, classes and other expenses for the children.

John Wall Eats Snacks...Lots Of Snacks

John Wall takes a moment to show off his extensive eating habits and his DC apartment.The rookie point guard admits that his eating habits are snack filled. Just shows you how down home the Raleigh, NC native is, minus the vegetables. Video games with roommate and childhood friend Ty Williams, mom having to come to town to cook, not doing laundry and did we mention eating snacks?


Friday, January 28, 2011

Spotted: Grandmaster Flash Rocks MSG Crowd

Ahhhh yeaaaaa it's getting back to the good old vibes in the Garden these days. Amar'e is voted an All-Star starter, the first Knick in what 14 years and the Knicks are actually playing respectable ball. Break out the turntables as Grandmaster Flash rocked the crowd for the Knicks tilt against the Heat this past Thursday night. Hold on folks!

Updated: 2011 NBA All Star Uniforms

Take a look at the sleek new All Star uniforms from Adidas. All we want to know is if they are going to use the mulit-colored ball for the game or would be too much of a reminder of the old ABA? Still would be kinda cool though.

Kobe Bryant models the Western Conference uniform.

LeBron James models the Eastern Conference uniform

Video: Chris Bosh Maxim Exclusive

Maxim is cashing in with NBA players. If you'll remember there was Ron Artest hooping with some ladies.

It's Chris Bosh's turn as he goes behind the scenes of his Maxim photoshoot which was before the Heat had even hit the floor together. Chris talks basketball, real life and give relationship advice, seriously he does!

Chris, summed it up in a nutshell as most of what he said then (whenever this was shot) has kind of played out. Slow start, then hot streak and now just maintaining. Just answer this, why must you fake eating an apple? It's already been in your mouth. Oh well anywho.

Video: Dominate Another Day Air Jordan 2011

You know all those times you went to the gym and had like 4 sets of insoles and you tried them out to see which were most comfortable for that day.

Well leave it to Air Jordan 2011 to solve that issue or at least make it cool to swap insoles or mid soles. Check out the vid below and "choose your flight"

Artest Mixtape Will Feature Plenty of Surprises

In a fitting tune for our poll this week, Ron Artest is coming out with a mix tape that will include Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg and teammate Shannon Brown's new wife Monica. According to the L.A. Times he also says...

“There’s going to be a bunch of celebrities on it,” Artest said. “I can’t say the names yet, but there’s going to be a bunch of people on there that you wouldn’t believe that would rap or sing. A lot of athletes, a lot of rappers and a couple comedians.”

Artest will put the mixtape out on the street on All Star Weekend .

Before you laugh to hard at Artest jump remember his "Champions" song on the Lakers title win last season is a cut on NBA2k11 with MJ on the cover so he has to be onto something.

Mega Fan or...Just Plain Crazy. You Be The Judge!

Have you ever thought of inking a pic of your favorite NBA star on your body? Oh, come on…you never thought about it? How about a little firey ball for Dwade on your forearm or a 'lil Laker logo on your back for Kobe. No? Well in this video, a Jerry Sloan mega fan took his allegiance to another level. Check it out!

Kanye West and Alicia Keys Show Support For The Knicks

Alicia Keys and husband Swizz Beatz at MSG
Kanye West and Alicia Keys made an appearance last night as the Knicks took on the Miami Heat at Madison Square Garden.  The Knicks haven't been able to get a win against the Heat all season, but things took a turn for the better last night as the Knicks won the game 93-88. The Knicks may not have played well last night, but it didn't matter. Lebron James didn't look like himself, Bosh was out with an injury, and Wade tried to carry his team through three quarters, but couldn't keep it going in the fourth. The Garden was rocking for the first time in a few weeks and the Knicks got the comeback win they desperately needed after a rough January.

Yet the biggest story in the Garden last night wasn't the Knicks win, it was who was watching.  Kanye West sat court side during the game and then made a surprise guest appearance during Amare Stoudemire's post game press conference.  No, West didn't speak to the media, but his presence was loud and clear.   Maybe now we can put to bed rumors that Stoudemire was dating West's ex Amber Rose.

Unless both guys are just good enough friends that they really like to share?

Video: Chris Paul's NBA Where Amazing Happens Commercial

The Chris Paul edition of the NBA Where Amazing Happens commercial doesn't send that chilling feeling down you spine like the Kevin Durant or Amar'e Stoudemire ones do but it's still pretty cool. Glad CP3 is getting included in the love that is amazing!

Couples: Amar'e Stoudemire And Ciara Dating?

So we've seen Ciara courtside at the Garden a few times this season. Now we know why as the singer has put the distance between her and rapper 50 Cent, and is now getting her a baller. Amar'e Stoudemire and Ciara are dating but are keeping it on the DL according to a source. They've even spent sometime in L.A. recently while Stoudemire was in town earlier this month.

Stouedmire has been linked to Amber Rose and tennis player Serena Williams but that the friendship between he and Ciara has been upgraded to the the next level.

Lakers Wives: Vanessa Bryant vs Khloe Kardashian

There is basketball wife news out of LA and this doesn't have a reality TV show, yet! Yes Vanessa Bryant doesn't like Khloe Kardashian. Well the term she used was "Hates" Surprised? There have been reports that that will not sit anywhere near each other at games and that Vanessa shuts out Khloe from the tight knit group of teammate wives.

Vanessa considers Khole a "fake wife" and that Khole and the rest of the family are attention grabbing fame seekers. Well now Vanessa play nice we know you've been on top a long time in L.A. so don't you start pouting about being outshined. All you have to say is your husband is the best basketball player on the team. That should suffice.

Video: 24 Hours With Kevin Love

We told you KLove is everywhere! He's up next in the NBA TV series of 24 Hours with.

Video: NUMB#RS A Fragrance By Kevin Love

Kevin Love is popping up everywhere these days. Is it an attempt to get that spot in the All Star game or he just cashing in where he fits in? Well at any rate he's got an ad for his fragrance NUMB#RS

Video: Suns Dunk and Head First Through The Rim

We've seen these routines a thousand times and usually it happens at least once at every NBA game.

Bring out the pad and the trampoline and let the dunkfest entertain the crowd during a timeout. The folks in Phoenix got a little more than they bargain for. The Suns mascot Gorilla is steady pumping up the crowd as is the case near the end of the routine but one of the guys gotta a little too pumped as he gives a whole new meaning to ABOVE THE RIM as he goes through the rim, from above, full body and all on his dunk. Don't be impatient but if you are it's at the 1:26 mark.

Ouch! Who wants to bet he had a good soaking bath on this night. Next week there will be a rule to take some of the spring out of the trampoline.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

DWade's Tinted Goggles Banned

Dwayne Wade was not allowed to wear the original tinted goggles he wanted to wear after the NBA banned them for "an unfair advantage by the opponent not being able to see your eyes," according to Erik Spoelstra. Kind of like getting pulled over because your car windows are below the legal limit in your state (most have a 35% tint limit) and Heat boss bench Erik Spoelstra used the car as an example. Earlier the NBA approved of the glasses but them retracted that before allowing him to wear them with less tint. "Gogglegate" is how Spoelstra termed it.

Wade and the Heat lighten the tint and he rocked them in the Heat's return trip to the Garden to face the Knicks. Dwayne has been suffering from migraine headaches for years with the issue popping up again last week causing him to sit out this past Sunday's game against the Raptors.


More Trouble For Grizzlies O.J. Mayo

Well it's not getting any better for O.J. Mayo. The league office slapped him with a 10 game suspension for the use of a banned substance and is also a violation of the player unions anti-drug program.

Mayo tested positive for dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA). Mayo says he took an OTC supplement that he was unaware of it being banned by the league and players union. In a statement he released through the team Mayo said...
"It was an honest mistake, but I take full responsibility for my actions," Mayo said in the statement released by the team. "I apologize to my fans, teammates and the Grizzlies organization for regrettably not doing the necessary research about what supplements I can put in my body."

Way to man up OJ so long as this ish doesn't come up again, you already have enough going on. No comment on Mayo if the drug was taken to help his swollen face. Mayo will still be allowed to practice with the Grizz but will not return to game action until February 15th.

Fans It's Your Turn To Pick The Skills Challenge Field

It's Chris Paul vs whomever you the fans select as his opponents in the Taco Bell Skills Challenge at All Star weekend. You had your say in the starting lineups for each conference so keep up the voting. Why Chris Paul gets the automatic pick, well he's the spokesman.

The Skills Challenge will not end the debate of who the best point guard is in the league but it will be fun to watch but who will we be watching? Here's who is on the ballot....

Derek Fisher, the oldest of the choices but an seasoned vet who should be able to navigate the course effectively enough to post a decent time.

Tony Parker closes out the vets. Again he should post a decent time but whether it's a winning one or not that were not so sure of. Yet you can't turn your back on a Spur because Spurs come fundamentally sound.

Derrick Rose has been here and done this as he's a former champion. That's an advantage but only slightly. Factor in his competitive fire and how the skills course suits his game and he could lift that trophy again.

Tyreke Evans is another young gun in this thing but how will that foot hold up. Maybe he's booking mom and aunt a flight so he can get their homecooking, if he does lookout!

Russell Westbrook can straight out fly. Though will be be too fast to be effective throughout the course, especially when it comes to the passing elements. Heck doesn't matter vote him in. If anything his competitive spirit will propel him into the finals.

John Wall has had injury trouble this season. Were not going to call it "injury prone" but maybe "adjusting to the riggors of the pro schedule" seems a little nicer. When the lights come on Wall shows up and if he's voted in he's surely not going to want to disappoint.

Stephen Curry can shoot the basketball we all know that but how would he far in this thing. Very if you ask us. The guy can flat out handle every drill and could do it with deceptive speed and time. Worth your vote.

Baron Davis is another vet and is a hometown guy. Ummmm he'll get all of the UCLA alumni votes but will those be enough? Just don't see him in this contest but Go Bruins!

So there you have it, again vote away. And yes We'll give you our picks.... Derrick Rose, Russell Westbrook, Stephen Curry and yes Derek Fisher. Fisher and Paul rep the vets while Rose, Curry and Westbrook rep the youth movement.

Courtside Seats: Jackson's Hit Lakers' Game

The Lakers thumped the Jazz this week while Michael Jackson's son Prince M. Jackson and his uncle Jackie Jackson watched from their courtside seats. Looks like Prince is thinking he choose the wrong game to attend.

Prince and Jackie take a moment to exchange greetings with Lamar Odom's wife, Khloe, during a break in the action and there were plenty of those as the Jazz were calling timeout after timeout.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

NBA-FP TV: Weekly 1/27/2011

This week we confirm the Shannon Brown and Monica wedding vows, how MJ and Kobe are forever linked, Dennis Rodman all dressed up and Lou Williams flows on the mic. TRT 3:30

KG's New Kicks Have A "Beat L.A." Theme

It's about that time of year. That time when the Celtics and Lakers are getting ready to square off in the regular season. It only happens twice a year so it's kind of doesn't fly under the radar being they've met in 2 of the last 3 Finals. They'll meet Sunday for round 1 in LA then on February 10th in Beantown for round 2. So with all of that Kevin Garnett had to go and get the shoes to fit the occasion and the Chinese shoe company, Anta, has outfitted him with the "Beat L.A." edition.

Anta goes all out with the all-time regular season record of the two storied franchises on the tongue which is led by the C's 152-120. For good measure they Celtics also lead the all time series in the playoffs 43-31 winning 9 of the 12 match-ups in The Finals. Seeing as KG has been with seemingly every shoe company in his career from Nike to And 1 to Adidas and maybe were missing one, this has to be the most creative pair . We know KG embraces the history of the game and these surely show that along with the emotion that KG brings!

Hits From The Bong; Cuttino Mobley In The Medical Mary Jane Business

Ex-Clipper Cuttino Mobley is an investor, he's investing in the business of medical marijuana. Mobley is listed as the sole financier for the Summit Medical Compassion Center a proposed medical-marijuana compassion center and looks to reap the benefits of those needing compassion. I mean the lines are getting longer and longer at these centers now whether they are licensed or unlicensed users in line is another story but there seems to be a profit in it, legally.

W. Zachary Malinowski of Provo.com has the details of the booming investment in Rhode Island...

According to Summit's proposal, Mobley has made a binding commitment of $4 million toward the compassion center. The lump sum includes a $3.5-million line of credit and a $500,000 equity contribution that does not have to be repaid.

Summit officials project that they will finish the first year with $2 million in cash, $9.1 million in year two, and $24.8 million after the third year in business.

On Feb. 7, the Health Department has scheduled a public hearing in its auditorium on Capitol Hill. The state is expected to select up to three compassion centers, with the first one opening as soon as late spring or early summer.

It's just great to hear retired players making sound investments with their stacks. Cuttino averaged 16 points per game over his 10 year career with 4 teams.

Cool Stuff: Blazer Mania, Alive And Well

All about the fans and I mean all about the fans. You wonder why Rip City is always rocking. Well we touched on it back in December about cities with only one pro game in town. Portland is the classic example of embracing their team. They've had their run of good teams, championship teams and then that long run of playoff appearances snapped but all in all you gotta love Portland fans.

Aron Phillips at DimeMag dug up some good stuff on Blazer Mania

I mean some of this stuff that Blazers fans have came up with in the way of art shows their passion.

Cool and creative stuff!

Popovich To Lead West In All Star Game

San Antonio Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich will have the chore of splitting up the minutes for the Western Conference in the upcoming All Star Game. This will be Pops second time as the Western All Stars bench boss. His last appearance was in 2005 in Denver where Allen Iverson won MVP as a member of the East leading them past the West 125-115.

Grandmama Is Brewing Up Sweet Tea

From the classic commercial to classic four-point play in the Garden Larry Johnson had a pretty good 10 year run in the NBA. Ok who are we kidding it was all about the Grandmama commercial during his days with the Hornets when they were in Charlotte.

LJ is coming back on the scene with that Grandmama thing as the backbone. See LJ is a country boy from Texas and loves his sweet tea. So even though he had a solid career he will not be getting inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame but the folks at Hall of Fame Beverages are getting behind Grandmama's Sweet Tea. Here what they say...

Inspired by the sweet tea from his childhood in Texas and from the famous character created in his series of commercials for Converse, Larry will be introducing the Grandmama’s Sweet Southern Tea in the coming months. This line of flavored teas is currently in development and will come in sweetened natural flavors reminiscent of the cool refreshment from hot summer afternoons sitting on the porch at Grandmama’s house.
Nobody makes iced tea the way your Grandmama makes it!!

Something about that sweet tea though especially when it's made by your Mama or your Grandma. Sweet or unsweet doesn't really matter but natural now that's a major factor in how smooth and refreshing the tea is. and throw in a lemon if you don't mind. At any rate we look forward to trying it just to see if it can be bottled up and still have that great taste. We had to throw the commercial in for good measure!

Spotted: K-Love and Snoop

From Zach and Cody to kicking with Snoop Kevin Love is making his rounds.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

NSFW Video: Educated Raptor Fan Goes Nuts After Rudy Gay's GW

NBA Fans are great and that is why we love them so much. Even with his team well under .500 and only posting 13 wins, this Raptors fan still has the passion to pull for them and then shows his education of how dangerous Rudy Gay is in the closing moments of a ballgame.

The language is a bit strong but because of the passion we couldn't help but to share it. Were all about the fans so enjoy!