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Monday, December 13, 2010

Video: D-League Call-up in Primetime TV

I've never watched a single episode of the CW's "One Tree Hill", but apparently they have a charater who is the the D-League.

 The character Nathan first gets a call to the Fort Wayne team two years ago.
And check out his actual call up to Charlotte's Bobcats.

After a rough season in which ( according to Wikipedia)  Nathan almost became a coach, was forced to play Slamball, quit Slamball because of the injury risk, spoke to the ghost of a friend, lost one NBA deal because he decided to pass instead of score, and had to engage in several battles for a starting job, Nathan has achieved his dream. When he feels Haley's sweet embrace, he knows the journey was worth it.
One Tree Hill

We're not sure how it works out for Nathan in the NBA, but the Bobcats can use an extra point guard.

This is a nice look at the moment we rarely see happen.

Oh yeah...Sundiata Gaines.