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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Former NBA Player Mike Williams Becomes Bionic

Mike Williams, 47, retired from basketball in 2000, and since had been working as a bodyguard and security guard. An unfortunate sequence of events transpired when he was working security inside a suburban Atlanta nightclub. A gunfight broke out and he was shot four times, in the jaw and shoulder.

That left him paralyzed.

Well, read how the encounter of an old high school teammate is going to change his life. MSNBC.com has the story.

Mike Willaims in therapy


Anonymous said...

Big Mike is my best friend, I remember vividly that Sunday morning when I recieved the call, words cant describe the emptiness that I felt and the fog that i walked thru for the next months as he laid in a coma,and how this stupid act effected tons of people, Thank God for Dr. Dan, I also remember Mike calling me excited about this doctor, who he played with, and the work that the Dr. has done, I have been with Mike thru all of this and his will and determination is unlimited, pleases pray that he can have some sort of comfort and that the robotics will come thru