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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Grant Hill Elected to HOF Board

Being one of the oldest players in the game isn't always a bad thing, especially when your making up for lost time. True Grant Hill and his sidekick Steve Nash are watching the playoffs this season but in the long run they may need the extra rest going into next season, Neither is showing signs of retirement and both are pretty busy any way. Well maybe not Nash who is shooting hoops at the local park, let him tell it because he has nothing else to do but as for Grant Hill, well he has plenty to do.

Hill was elected to a three year term on the Naismith Basketball Hall Of Fame board of governors. Hill is the first active player to every do so but when your as old as he is it almost seems fitting. Hill has always keep a high standard and been a pros pro during his life and basketball career. Heck even Shaunie O'Neal says he doesn't go out side of his marriage, but anyway.

Congrats to Grant on this accomplishment. He's the first active player to ever be elected to the Hall's board of directors and that speaks volumes, especially when you hear the cries of how the NBA should have it's own Hall of Fame, nah don't think so, the NBA is not bigger than the game of basketball although it is the cream of the crop, the ultimate measuring stick, the league many aspire and dream to play in. Yet how may players would seek this role.

The longer Grant Hill and Jason Kidd play the more you just feel like they are trying to settle that co-rookie of the year award from 1995. Pretty good vote that year huh? Either way Grant Hill is going to be a Hall of Famer, one way or another.