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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Josh McRoberts Wants In The Dunk Contest

Josh McRoberts overall numbers are up across his stat line this season including starting all 26 games but he wants to dunk...in the dunk contest. He's getting a little help from teammate Brandon Rush as they've launched a campaign with a retro feel to get. The two have filmed a video of a scene from "White Men Can't Jump". Now any basketball fan has seen this movie and for McRoberts and Rush to use this as a part of the campaign somehow seems fitting.

"I grew up watching the dunk contest. Now I want my part in it," McRoberts said. "It'll be fun being in it if it happens."

Let the man dunk, heck he actually wants to and of the top who was the last white man in the dunk contest...Brent Barry?