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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

News: Dirk Nowitzki Passes Bird On All-Time Scoring List

Dirk Nowitzki passed Hall of Famer Larry Bird to move into 25th on the NBA's all-time scoring list on Tuesday night.

Score for Nowitzki

He entered the game with 21,781 career points, 10 shy of Bird's total.

Nowitzki surpassed Bird on the first possession of the fourth quarter by hitting a three-pointer.
"I just got a text message from Larry right as the game ended saying to congratulate Dirk and that he's always been a huge fan," Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle said.
"They've had a chance to spend some time together. I'm sure he's going to text Dirk and I'm sure that will be very meaningful for Dirk."