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Time to Say Good Bye

We've have a great run. But now it's time to say goodbye.


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Monday, October 1, 2012

Time to Say Good Bye

We've have a great run.

But now it's time to say goodbye.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

LeBron's Engagement Kicks

LeBron plans on sporting these kicks for his engagement party.

Nike LeBron 9 Engagement Shoes 

The Engagement date is on the tongue of the shoe

Do you like this idea?

Bosh's Welcome Baby Boy

Chris and Adrienne Bosh welcomes their first child together, a baby boy, this morning in Miami, FL. Shortly after the birth Adrienne Tweeted....

Chris Bosh holds his new baby boy
Chris and Adrienne Bosh are new parents

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Spotted: Jason Kidd And Wife

Jason Kidd and his wife, model Porschla Coleman are expecting a child and she recently showed off her beautiful belly
Jason Kidd and wife Porschla Coleman
The Kidd's 
Jason and Porschla were recently spotted kicking it at Jason's teammate Delonte West's casino night party a couple of months ago.  Congrats to the couple.

Jay-Z Dons Brooklyn Nets Logo

Life in New Jersey is over for the Nets and that means there has to be another logo for the squad once they move to Brooklyn next season....

Brooklyn Nets Co-Owner Jay-Z 
Your curiosity has been satisfied.

Brooklyn Nets Logo 
Overall not to bad.

Video: Kobe Disappears

Kobe Bryant was getting some work in last week despite not playing against the Golden State Warriors. While at the arena Kobe decided to have some fun with the camera guys and disappears. Just Kobe doing what he does shaking all defenses.

Video: Gabrielle Calls Out D.Wade

While recently doing an interview on Conan, Gabrielle Union calls out Dwyane Wade for not know anything about Pretty in Pink or Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

Here is where the world learned the truth...
She says he was just a fetus back then, but I'm years younger than him and I love Ferris Bueller. No excuses Wade.

Check out the video here and see how D. Wade looked dressed as LL Cool J.


Video: Fan Makes a Song about World Peace's Elbow

Stephanie says, "change your name back to Artest."
This fan, Stephanie K, created her own "one-minute song" about the elbow Metta World Peace delivered to James Hardin.

Not a bad job. The vocals could have been a little better, but she did a good job getting the point across.


Vintage: Spalding Comic

Check out this vintage comic advertisement for Spalding, featuring Rick Barry and Dr. J.

Get the Spalding touch with an autographed ball.


Chris Paul and Wife are Expecting a Girl

Only seven months married, Clippers guard Chris Paul and wife Jada are expecting their second child, a beautiful baby girl.

The happy couple at the event in LA.
Jada was seen sporting her baby bump on the red carpet Sunday night at the LA event held by JEEP & USA Basketball, where the couple and their 3-year old son, Chris Jr. had a date night.

While talking to Essence.com Jada said, "Chris, Lil' Chris and I are excited about the new addition to our family that is coming this summer. Lil' Chris is already kissing my stomach and talking to his new sister."


Thursday, April 19, 2012

Spotted: Family Time With Lebron James

LeBron kicking it with his family, fiancee Savannah Brinson and their two sons, LeBron Jr. and Bryce Maximus on an off night.

Good to see the James' family laid back chillig like all the other families do in their down time.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Chris Paul Booed at Dodgers Game!

It's not often that an athlete gets booed in his own city, regardless of the venue. So what was Clippers guard Chris Paul doing that was horrible enough to have thousands of Dodger fans booing him? Strangely, nothing. The 26-year old was shown on the video screen with his 2-year old son wearing a Dodgers cap and smiling. To his surprise, the fans, presumably Laker faithful, let him have it.

"They booed me bad," Paul said in an appearance on Tuesday's Jay Leno show. "I was just happy that my son didn't know what was going on."

Chris Paul with his son, Christopher, at Sunday's Dodger game. Associated Press
Apparently, being a nice family guy who wears the right apparel is not enough to avoid the wrath of L.A. sports fans.

From Yahoo! Sports

Zachey, Chris Paul, Dodgers Game

Jeremy Lin Gets Own Action Figure

Jeremy Lin's left knee injury has sidelined him for the remainder of the season. But for one month, Lin dominated headlines across the country. People have still not forgotten. Last week, a Lin valley action figure was released, pictured here.

Jeremy Lin's life-like action figure. Tumblr
Pretty life like. You know you've made an impact when you get your own action figure after just over a month of solid basketball.

Zachey, Jeremy Lin, Action Figure

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Courtside Celebs: The lovely Couple Of Jay-Z and Beyonce

Were always spotting this couple courtside whether it's in the Garden or over in Jersey. Ja-Z and Beyonce were courtside for last nights Heat and Nets game...

Looks as though they had a pretty good time, hugs and laughs all around with their nephew Julez who was there with them.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Spotted: DWade, Kobe And The Family

Dwayne took in the Yankees game after beating the Knicks in New York Earlier in the day. Yes that is Tim Tebow sitting tight in front of him rocking a Yankees hat.

And checking out a playoff hockey game...

Kobe and Vanessa look to be having a pretty good time at the NHL Los Angeles Kings playoff game with their daughters Natalia and Gianna sitting between them...

Looks like the couple may be trying to make all things right again in their marriage since the divocre filing in December 2011.

Video: Kevin Durant NBA on ESPN Playoffs Commercial

It's closely approaching time for the playoffs. In this spot for ESPN Kevin Durant find himself well above the floor looking to make history.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Hornets Sold To NFL Saints Owner Tom Benson

The New Orleans Hornets new owner is Tom Benson. The tentative agreement reached for the NBA to sell the team 100% to Benson is worth over $338 million. Jimmy Smith of The-Times Picayune first reported this.

So the days of the NBA owning a team are drawing to a close. General Manager Dell Demps and Head Coach Monty Williams have done a wonderful job with the Hornets with everything given this season beginning with the Chris Paul trade, both of them.

The Hornets roster this season has seen upwards of 23 different starting lineup, 10-day contracts left and right, D-League call ups, anything to fill the roster when injuries hit hard. Omeka Okafor, Eric Gordon, Carl Landry, Chris Kaman, Jarrett Jack, Trevor Ariza and Jason Smith have all missed time this season with injuries. That is a pretty good group to be missing. The result has been close losses all season with a few big wins yet the Hornets have never quit and Monty Williams just keep the focus on playing with what he has.

Benson has been seen courtside at Hornets games this season. Now with him as the full owner committed to the city, arena upgrades coming, a lease that's pretty tough to break and a pretty good GM and Head Coach the Hornets are here to stay, but will they keep the name Hornets? Results of an online poll in the Times-Picayune show 90% feel Benson should change the Hornets name. Either way the Big Easy will have NBA basketball for quite a while.

Cavs Mascot Moondog Laid Out

This could have been the look that David West had when he learned that his punch during a play fight with the Cleveland Cavaliers mascot Moondog landed Moondog out for the count and a trip to the hospital. Moon dog suffered an eye injury while doing what most NBA mascots do, mess with the other team players in a fun way.

You've seen Benny the Bull pretending to mop the floor during pregame warmups hoping that an opposing player slips. That's why we love mascots because they entertain us during the timeouts and mess with the other team players when the moment is right.

The moment was right for Moondog but the ending was unplanned. Now if West was play fighting how could a play punch knock out Moondog?

From The Cleveland Plain Dealer's Tom Reed, West said after the game...

“He jumped at me so I thought we were playing around and then the next thing I know he went down. It was definitely an accident.”

We hope Moondog will be ok, we hear he is but nonetheless this is funny as heck. Maybe mascots, we know Moondog will, think twice about a play fight with David West.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Video: Magic and Bird Talk With David Letterman

Magic and Larry chat it up with David Letterman about their new Broadway act, careers and friendship. You've always heard Bird doesn't have that much personality but he is pretty funny and cracks his jokes throughout the sit down interview.

we would like to see them have a shootout just to see if that competitive fire is still there.

BirdMagic by 3030fm

And that shoe commercial they were talking about, classic you must say.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Stephon Marbury set to get his own statue!

Yao Ming and Stephon Marbury. In China, that just about sums up the pecking order of national superstar athletes. Marbury, 35, was a decent NBA player who peaked way to soon. But in China, he is a legend. Marbury dominated the Chinese Basketball Association last season, leading his team, the Beijing Ducks, to their first ever CBA championship. His news off the court has been just as positive, as his Starbury shoes have been selling like Jordan's.
Stephon Marbury dominated the CBA this year, both on and off the court. Getty Images

According to Ball Don't Lie, Chinese basketball fans initially started a petition to create a Marbury statue in order to commemorate his outstanding play and active citizenship in China. Within hours, over 200,000 fans signed the petition, and within a week that number had climbed to over 1 million. Now, the statue is in the works.

I wonder what Knicks fans have to say about this surprising development. Chime in in the comment section below about Marbury getting his own statue.

Zachey, Stephon Marbury, CBA

Photo: Basketball Anytime, Anywhere, Any Weather

Nike ran the "Basketball Never Stops" ads during the lockout. Well this picture brings new meaning to that in so many ways.

Talk about ice water in your veins...that's a cold jumper!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Video: Shaq's Dove Ad With His Mom

The old saying goes that boys are "momma's boys". The same can be said for one Shaquille O'Neal as he may be the biggest momma's boy throughout creation.

If you were under a rock the last few weeks and missed all of the NCAA College Basketball tournament then you missed the series of Shaq (cough) Dr. O'Neal Dove Men+Care "Journey To Comfort" ad campaign where Shaq says he's "Comfortbale in his own skin" but this one by far is our favorite. A big ole giant baby that still loves his mom and openly dicusses his name in "Shaquille".

We all know the name Shaquille and there is no question as to whether or not it's original (unlike the nickname "Superman") or not. There plenty of kids running around now with the name both male and female so the imprint on the name has been made.Were glad Shaq is comfortable with his skin and his name. Yet what does the name Shaquille really mean...?


Derrick Rose's Girlfriend Is Expecting

Derrick Rose and his longtime girlfriend Meika Reese are expecting their first child.

From Bossip...

Chicago Bulls MVP guard Derrick Rose has a kid on the way. Rose’s longtime girlfriend Mieka is 7 1/2 months pregnant. We were scooped when Mieka’s younger sister broke the news on Twitter yesterday — She tweeted out how she enjoys “rubbing her sisters [pregnant] belly” Maybe Rose hasn’t been playing because he’s preparing for fatherhood? Congrats to the reigning NBA MVP.

Congrats to the couple. Derrick is rather quiet and reserved off of the floor so let's hope that he and Meika keep everything cool.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Video: Fan Proposal In Milwaukee

What a great way to involve your tow favorite things, love and basketball. That movie title will forever ring true when couples have the common thread of love and basketball. Ok enough.

Anyway check out how one fan went ahead an popped to question...

Best thing about this is there wasn't an arena full of fans in the event she said "No". Way to play it real cool my dude.


Thursday, April 5, 2012

Video: Derrick Rose GQ Photoshoot

Derrick Rose has not seen as much action on the hardwood this season as he would have liked. He's missed almost 40-percent of the Bulls games due to various injuries. In his previous three season Rose only missed a total of six games so yo know that must be frustrating especially with the Bulls having the best record in the NBA to this point.

It has still been busy for the fourth year guard out of Chicago. There was the new contract with Adidas, the purchase of a condo in the Trump Tower and he's also expecting his first child with longtime girlfriend Meika Reese.

Well chalk up a GQ photoshoot to the list now. Check out the video of the shoot

'Basketball Wives' Star Out On The Town After Heart Attack

Basketball Wives most popular Ex-wife Tami Roman suffered a mild heart attack last week and was rushed to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in LA for treatment. Things are looking up for the 41 year old reality star…..she was seen out and about at Club Live in Atlanta just days after her heart attack.

Tami tweeted, “I’ve learned to manage the clock and not be governed by it-take time out of ur day to relax-everything will still be there.” “Headed to airport-ATL here I come-last stop, then headed back home for 1week off. Promised my babies I wouldn’t overdue it….”
On a recent episode of Basketball Wives, Tami finally addressed her anger management issues, a condition that can lead to stress and increase the chance of a heart attack. The reality star told the Huffington Post, “I have been known to pop a bitch or two, but I’m in total control of my anger management issues now.”

We are so happy for Tami’s speedy recover BUT girl don’t those wives stress you out like that again!!

Kanye West says Kris Humphries is lucky he didn't have Jay drop him


Kanye West is up to his attention grabbing antics once again.  On a new track released this week Kanye says  that he was in love with Kim Kardashian the same time Kris Humphries started dating her.  Claiming Humphries is lucky he didn't ask his friend (and minority owner of the New Jersey Nets) Jay-Z to cut him from the team.

Oh Kanye, such a gentleman.

And I'll admit fell in love with Kim
Around the same time she fell in love him
Well that's cool
Baby girl do your thing
Lucky I didn't have Jay drop him from the team.

NBA FP TV Weekly: 4/5/12

A Brother and Sister combo became the first to do what? There is only one way to recover, the fans of OKC love their team and we talk about fatherhood. NBA-FP TV Weekly fills you in.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Video: Artist Work Of Jeremy Lin

Don't you just hate seeing Jeremy Lin all up in the hospital. This was post surgery to repair and injured knee and is out for what could be the remainder of the season.

Just when the Knicks thought they had some Lin goes down. Well don't think they are not keeping the Lin spirit in Madison Square Garden.

Checkout what one artist,David Garibaldi did at halftime of a recent Knicks game....

Man gotta make you feel better after seeing the talent of this artist showing a little love to Jeremy Lin in like what 5 whole minutes or so....Awesome

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Video" OKC Thunder "Butt", Employee Fired Over It

Well we all know that the OKC crowd really rocks the Chesapeake Energy Arena for home Thunder Games to happen. It takes intense and all-in fans for that to be such a joy. Some of those fans took to the video circuit and for one person, a Thunder employee, the will merely be just a fan.

Ok when you find a reason for the employee to have lost his job over this please let us know. Were still looking...

Monday, April 2, 2012

Knicks Chillin' on 21 Shump Street

On an off night in Indiana, the New York Knicks look like one big family. Here are some pics of them heading to dinner at New Orleans on the Avenue Restaurant in downtown Indianapolis.

Carmelo Anthony
, Amare Stoudemire, and a large portion of the team, including head coach Mike Woodson were present. You love to see the unity, especially with the head coach hanging out with the players.

Knicks have 13 games left with a 2 game lead on the Milwaukee Bucks for the 8th seed in the Eastern Conference. They play the Indiana Pacers Tuesday night without Amare Stoudemire and Jeremy Lin. Unfortunately for NY they will not be available till the playoffs.

- Genovese

Source: Iman Shumpert's Instagram

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Video: Gary Neal and Tiago Splitter Ad Spots

Gary Neal and Tiago Splitter take a moment to have some fun supporting Northside Ford in these series of ads.

Seems like Gary Neal gets show a little more love from the folks at Northside than Tiago and does Gary have all the food in his fridge?

The two even pack up a girls basketball squad in another ad during the campaign.

And of course they had to throw in a trip to the rodeo.

Just NBA players hanging out when they have the free time. The Spurs have won nine out of their last ten games and currently sit second in the Western Conference. At that rate the Spurs have been playing it looks like they are planning on not having too much free time until after June and would love to drive those Ford's during a championship parade.

Till 4 In The Morning...

Sources say numerous Orlando Magic players were partying Tuesday night till the early morning Wednesday in NYC. The Knicks crushed the Magic by 22 points in MSG in a nationally televised game on ESPN later that day. Dwight Howard, one of the players who was partying that night, finished with 12 points and 5 rebounds, well under his averages of 20 and 15.

During one timeout, Howard and Jameer Nelson were taken out of the game but did not join the huddle with the rest of the team. Can you say hungover! Jeff Van Gundy, the former NBA coach and now announcer for ESPN ripped Howard and Nelson for their behavior.

Check the story HERE

- Genovese

Friday, March 30, 2012

D.Wade Writes a Book on Fatherhood

Wednesday, William Morrow, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers, announced plans to release Dwyane Wade's book, "A Father First: How My Life Became Bigger than Basketball" in Septmber. Wade's book covers some of his childhood struggles in Chicago and how he uses those lessons when raising his boys.

D. Wade and his boys.
"For me, it was therapeutic to do this," Wade told The Associated Press.
After finally winning a long custody battle with his ex-wife a year ago, Wade felt like his story of basketball and fatherhood could show others a different side of him and help them with their own families. 

"I don't have to share it with people," Wade said. "But I felt there was a need. So many people came up to me in this process, so many fathers, so many men came up to me to congratulate me and to ask me how, how I did it and why I believed I could do it."
Wade spent most of this past offseason working on his book. Pulling from his younger years as well as his most recent. He has included some stories in his book that even people closest to him have no clue about.

 "We are thrilled and honored to publish Dwyane's book," Henry Ferris, a vice president and executive editor at William Morrow, said in a statement. "He has an extremely important story and message about the role of fathers in children's lives. And his career in the NBA is also a phenomenal and exciting story."
Wade was honored by the National Fatherhood Initiative last year for his dedication to his sons as a single father while still successfully managing his NBA career. During All-Star weekend in Orlando, Wade headlined a roundtable discussion for President Obama's Fatherhood and Mentoring Initiative.

While a book may seem like a new thing for Wade, he has actually had a fascination with writing for years, stretching back to high school where he considered a career in journalism. He was also a sports writer for his school paper. During his days at Marquette he wrote an ode to basketball which was later turned into an advertising campaign.

"I think the biggest thing when I set out to write a book was just to share my experiences, from when I was a kid, my upbringing, my struggles, my joyous times, to becoming a father," Wade said. "I'm trying to compare them, how they've been the same in a sense, even though my worlds are totally different. But we're still dealing with the same things. From rags to riches, it really doesn't matter."

Since Wade's book is not set to release until September, the details aren't being disclosed, but there were some painful memories involved in the writing process.

"People will get a better understanding of me as a person," Wade said. "Even people who might think they know all there is, there's things you can learn about me that you don't know. People know that in 2008 I had one of my best seasons, averaged 30 points a game, had some of my best games. But they don't know what I had to deal with before tip-off or right after the game. It's not focused on basketball, but it all wraps together and tells a story."

To see the video of Wade at the roundtable discussion click on the link below. 
D. Wade in Orlando


Charles Barkley Wears Dress; Viewer Discretion is Advised

It is the moment we have all not really been waiting for: seeing TNT basketball analyst Charles Barkley in a black dress and heels. But the moment is here, or at least will be on April 8 when his next Weight Watchers commercial airs on national television.

Charles Barkley in his next Weight Watchers TV spot

Now I don't want to hate on Barkley. He's a funny guy who, might I add, has lost a good deal of weight since joining with Weight Watchers. It seems the endorsement has worked out for both parties, and the tv spot is sure to garner a few laughs. But seriously, isn't there a line?

From Deadspin

Zachey, Charles Barkley, Dress

Dennis Rodman Is Broke

Alongside Jordan and Pippen, Dennis Rodman once stood on the pinnacle of the basketball world. He was a star both on and off the court, with a flair for the dramatic. But Rodman's life has taken a turn for the worse in recent years. Today, he faces more than $800,000 in owed child support payments to his ex-wife and is facing four counts of contempt of court.

Dennis Rodman is in a financial crisis. FilmMagic

On Tuesday, the commissioner overseeing Rodman's case spared him of any jail time, but is mandating some stretch of community service. Still, the case is a strong reminder for athletes and people everywhere of what can happen when you are not careful with money. By some estimates Rodman earned roughly $27 million during his career, enough to last most people a lifetime. Today, he brings in about $50,000 a year.

From Deadspin

Zachey, Dennis Rodman, Bankrupt

Jeremy Lin Dance Draws Praise on Foreign TV

While much of the Jeremy Lin hype has died down over the past several weeks, Linsanity is as fervent as ever in Asian countries around the world. If anything, this video from a foreign TV show (from either China or Taiwan, though it's unclear) serves as an indication of just that:

There are a lot of moving pieces there, and I'm not really sure what they all mean. But there's one thing for sure: Lin fever is still going strong in many parts across the world.

From Yahoo! Sports

Zachey, Jeremy Lin, Dance

Kevin Durant Chats It Up With Jimmy Kimmel

While on in Los Angeles Kevin Durant stopped by The Jimmy Kimmel Show and talked about everything from hoops to flag football to backpacks.

At the end of the day yea Kevin Durant is pretty cool!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Big 3 of Miami Jam Out

At Chris Bosh's 28th birthday celebration in Miami with family and friends, Bosh, LeBron and D.Wade got up on stage and jammed out.

The Big 3 are true rockstars.


SPOTTED: LeBron with Soldiers and Adrienne Bosh's Baby Shower

LeBron can be a stand-up guy.

Our first photo is of Miami Heat's LeBron James as he and other teammates shook hands and took photos with some military pilots and crewmen.

The story is, three weeks ago while on a refueling stop on the way to play the Oklahoma City Thunder, a group of over 50 pilots and crewmen were refueling at the same location as the Heat and they wanted pictures with the team. As the men approached security they were not granted access to the team, but LeBron told security to let them through and told all his teammates to stand to their feet for the military personnel. Everyone who wanted a picture with the team got one.


Our second spotted story is of Adrienne Bosh, Chris Bosh's wife, and her baby shower guests. Adrienne's baby shower was held a couple days ago at the Coral Gables Country Club in Florida. The baby shower had a country-chic theme inspired by Adrienne's hometown in Indiana. The happy mother-to-be celebrated the impending arrival of her "little gentleman" with other basketball wives, family and friends.

Mother-to-be and the baby cakes.
Looking lovely...
Deborah Cox and Savannah Brinson...

Cute little apron...

Pearl White...

Group photo...

Baby Bosh...

Blinged out Binkies...

Sweet Treats...

More sweets.