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Friday, December 17, 2010

They're Baaack! Basketball Wives: Season 2

I still don’t know why they named this show Basketball Wives when the only married cast member is on the brink of divorce. But clearly, success is not all in a name. Season 2 of BW premiered this week and I am not the only (guilty) one who watched. The fights are nasty, the stories are interesting and ratings are up! It’s a hot mess and we love it! If you haven’t been keeping up with all the drama, here’s a quick recap.

“Queen Bee” Shaunie, ex-wife of Shaquille O’Neal, is definitely the leader of this squad. She takes a no-nonsense approach to her role as commander in chief and through intimate “come to Jesus” meetings with the girls, tries her darndest to keep the drama to a minimum.

Boogie-down Bronx native, Evelyn…aka Antoine Walker’s ex-fiancé…aka Chad Ochocinco’s current squeeze, minces no words when it comes to her bizzzness. Her latest victim, current housewife Suze, who Evelyn assumed spilled the beans about their recent trip to Vegas.

Royce, Dwight Howard’s baby mama and ex-dancer for Miami and Orlando is still trying to redeem herself for that bootylicious performance at Terrell Owens pool party last season. Uh, Royce…good luck with that.

Jennifer, wife of Eric Williams is…wait, Eric Who? Okay I’m kidding (well, not really). Anyway, we see her, for a second season, getting constantly barraged and disrespected by her husband while she tries to hang onto what appears to be, a love-less marriage.

Suze, ex-girlfriend of Michael Olowokondi, was a beast last season and showed that she is a fierce protector of her girls. Well, what a difference a season makes. Suze finds herself on the receiving end of some intense, tongue lashings from fellow cast member Evelyn…and in response, Suze turns to the self-proclaimed rebel everyone loves to hate, Gloria. (I know. I can’t figure that one out either… )

This must be some sort of joke. Is she still even a cast member? Gloria, NBA baller Matt Barnes’s flame, was liked by no one last season. She claimed that her cast mates were simply jealous of her fantabulous relationship with her boo…and she had no time for their childish rants. Is she trying to take the place of the Queen Bee? Last time I checked, Shaunie was the one the girls went to for advice. (Insert “Oooo” sound here)

Tami is the newcomer of the crew. You may remember her from MTV’s Real World: LA, where she was an up and coming singer. She gave up her budding career and married, now ex-husband, Kenny Anderson. If you like drama, this chic will not disappoint. She’s loud, brazen, pushy and confident. And, she’s got a weave. We love it!

To the chagrin of (I’m sure) all NBA players, it doesn’t look like Basketball Wives is going anywhere. And as much as I hate to admit it, this will probably not be the last time I watch. And then of course, I’ll have to write about it...


Mark said...

Gloria is the cutest of them all, Evelyn thinks she's cute and Shaunie needs to change her last name!

grace said...

Tami is my favorite too. Her reactions and what she says is very real. I can really feel that she's been through a lot of things. And so, I'm really watching this show, I wanna learn more about this strong woman who was left penniless after her divorce, from her husband. I was really sad about the food stamps and all the sufferings they've been through. I hope people can see what a strong woman she is. And one of the things that I love about her is that she's really true to herself. The way she reacted and the way she carries herself on the show is really great.

geason9 said...

This show needs to be called ex wives and fiances of the NBA. These women have no couth. Especially that nasty mouth girl, someone needs to smack her in the mouth everytime she uses such foul language.

geason9 said...

To the other ladies Royce, Tammi, Gloria and Suzie keep your heads up. Shaunie keep being you. Jennifer and Evilyn(ha,ha) you ladies need a life other than clubbing and drinking.You two are no better than that other lady that goes to parties and make a fool out of her self.