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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Grandmama Is Brewing Up Sweet Tea

From the classic commercial to classic four-point play in the Garden Larry Johnson had a pretty good 10 year run in the NBA. Ok who are we kidding it was all about the Grandmama commercial during his days with the Hornets when they were in Charlotte.

LJ is coming back on the scene with that Grandmama thing as the backbone. See LJ is a country boy from Texas and loves his sweet tea. So even though he had a solid career he will not be getting inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame but the folks at Hall of Fame Beverages are getting behind Grandmama's Sweet Tea. Here what they say...

Inspired by the sweet tea from his childhood in Texas and from the famous character created in his series of commercials for Converse, Larry will be introducing the Grandmama’s Sweet Southern Tea in the coming months. This line of flavored teas is currently in development and will come in sweetened natural flavors reminiscent of the cool refreshment from hot summer afternoons sitting on the porch at Grandmama’s house.
Nobody makes iced tea the way your Grandmama makes it!!

Something about that sweet tea though especially when it's made by your Mama or your Grandma. Sweet or unsweet doesn't really matter but natural now that's a major factor in how smooth and refreshing the tea is. and throw in a lemon if you don't mind. At any rate we look forward to trying it just to see if it can be bottled up and still have that great taste. We had to throw the commercial in for good measure!


Anonymous said...

he's just broke and needs money so this is a way to be seen again and is using the only real endorsement he ever had. 10 years in the league is nothing. retread athlete, retread endorsement just a different product.

Anonymous said...

The Grandmama is Back? Nice! Can Grandmama do a four point play for us?

Anonymous said...

He may be broke, but man that tea is good. Have you tried any? I have and I am telling you go buy some you'll be surprised!!

Anonymous said...

Word on the street is the company that he's the front man for is about to be indicted on several major SEC violations. Hall of Fame Beverages is a small company in Cali and it looks like Larry didn't choose endorsements wisely.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a more of bad DD for you. maybe you should choose your endorsements wisely... lol LJ and Grandmama still rock! and will ride all the way.

Anonymous said...

Way coooool . Who dont like the Gramama .. Excelent Tea to .
Good job LJ ..

Anonymous said...

Gotta love the GMa commercials, if they are even close to the Converse ads from before they will be a hit. lotta buzz going on about LJ coming back. Nice.

Anonymous said...

I miss LJ's grandma ma. When can I see the new commercials?