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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Basketball Rules Go For $4.3 Million at Auction

James Naismith needed something for his YMCA students to do inside during the cold Springfield, Mass winters and the deadline was right up on him. Was he sitting at home at his desk getting frustrated because he just couldn't come up with anything and maybe balling up paper and tossing sheet after sheet into the trash before it hit him? Maybe not but in an event it came to him and basketball was invented.

The rules were typed up and hung in gym and the games begun. That was 1891 and 119 years later those documents went for $4.3 million at auction with the proceeds going to the Naismith International Basketball Federation.

Still digesting the thought of 2 sheets of paper going for $4.3 million in sports. If anything in sports deserves that much it has to be these rules. The only thing that trips me out is how the rules don't include dribbling, but that's when the students took the first step in helping to improve the game by discovering dribbling!