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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Ron Artest will Donate his Salary next year

I want some!

Ron Artest looking subdued.

Artest said he might donate his entire salary next year for a good cause.
Before he even gives away his 2010 championship ring in an online raffle to raise funds and increase awareness of mental-health issues in schools, the Lakers small forward is already focusing on another unprecedented donation that would mean millions of dollars and immeasurable attention to the same important cause.
He told NBA.com he is seriously thinking about handing over at least half, and maybe all, of next season’s $6.79 million salary.
“I’m definitely considering the whole thing,” Artest said. “Or maybe 60 percent.”
Although he may not finalize details until the summer, he called the plan “very serious. I’ve talked to my wife about it already. It’s a powerful message. The message is about the inspiration. That’s what I want, to inspire people. People will be like, ‘Wow. Why is he doing this? Oh, that’s why. Wow. We need to help educate.’ I didn’t come [to the Lakers] for the money. Obviously I could have gone somewhere else, even a lesser market. Pay less taxes. The taxes here are freaking killing me, you know what I’m saying?”

WE LOVE RON RON and his convoluted schemes.

 Remember when he played with the Bulls and during the offseason he wanted to apply for a job at Best Buy?
They asked him why would a NBA player want to work at Best Buy? And his answer:
“I heard they get a 50% discount.”