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Sunday, December 5, 2010

UPDATED: Iverson Grabbing His Ball And Going Home?

So all it took was 3 games and a 12.3ppg average and A.I. may be headed back to the States.

Iverson is upset with the chemistry between the club and it's fans with Besiktas and he's been catching flack from the locals according to this report.

Something tells us this isn't that much of a surprise.

UPDATED: Iverson uses Twitter to speak on rumors of his displeasure in Turkey with Besiktas.

Iverson via his Twitter page:

"What's up everybody? I want all of yall to know that I am very happy here in Istanbul. My family and I are making this our home. The Fans and my Teammates here are great, and we are building good chemistry. For those of you who care about me, just know that I am very pleased and enjoying this ride! God Bless"