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Friday, February 18, 2011

Magic and Bird Coming To Broadway and Maybe Near You

No none will top Magic and Bird, no one we don't care what ya argument is. Melo/Lebron could come close but it's just not the same. Magic and Bird are long overdue for something for the theater and it's about to hit Broadway, you can't get higher than that.

Depending on your likes or dislikes you may not be as pumped about theater but this should gauge your interest, your deepest interest, hoop fan or not. Now after Broadway can we get we after get it AMC style?

From Chris Jones of the Tribune, Chicago that is...

The Steppenwolf Theatre ensemble member Eric Simonson appears to have found a viable new niche: plays about sports figures.

Fran Kirmser and Tony Ponturo, the producers of Simonson's "Lombardi," currently telling the story of Vince Lombardi on Broadway, announced Thursday that they will produce a new play called "Magic/Bird," a piece telling the "intertwined life stories" of the basketball greats Larry Bird and Earvin "Magic" Johnson.

Just as "Lombardi" was produced with the help of National Football League, "Magic/Bird" will have the backing of the National Basketball Association. Bird and Johnson will also participate in Simonson's new project, scheduled to debut on Broadway in 2012.

We were debating all day around Frontpage about whether this was a) a good idea and b) who would play the parts but [see] in the end we decided that since we love hoops we'd check it out anyway and you should too, if you truly love the game. Let's just hope they go deeper than the obvious Finals and Olympic stories of Magic and Bird. Trust there are more untold tales that will still draw interest, plenty of it.