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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

NBA History With Video: Ray Allen Tribute

Ray Allen is the purest shooter of all time as far as the NBA is concerned. Not just because he passed Reggie Miller to be to all time 3-point king of the association but because he has the sweetest stroke period! The debate will go on and on for Larry Bird, Rickey Pierce, Dale Ellis, Reggie, Hersey Hawkins and Chris Mullin just to name a few but hands down it's Ray Allen (we know your pointing out we missed a few).

Allen is in his 15th season and still has maybe 3-4 more seasons left in him so 2,561 will be the record breaker but what will the end result be. Ray is averaging 170 triples a year and why that number may fall in the coming years each triple he splashes will just increase the record. Jason Kidd is near the top but doesn't seem likely to catch Reggie let alone Ray so Ray may be at the top for a while.

Were with Reggie when he stated to Steve Kerr during the telecast that "were talking about shooting again". Yep you do have to shoot to score but the art of shooting doesn't get the acclaim it should especially in recent years. The mid-range jumper is almost an afterthought and free throw shooting well is up and down so to have shooting back in the discussion is great!

Now we had to share this tribute of Ray Allen and listen to how expresses his desire to play longer and continue to find the bottom of the net. Only thing we ask is why is he shown shooting from beyond the high school/old college arc...it's the mid-rang jumper.

The 3-point king will go for his second 3-point contest crown at all star weekend. (he won in 2001). Funny thing is he's the oldest all star in the all star game. Maybe Ray can really write more history over the weekend. Whatta say Ray?