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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Jerry Sloan Is Resigning

Talk about getting hit by a ton of bricks out of left field, well that's the case around here as Jerry Sloan and his longtime assistant, Phil Johnson, will be stepping down today according to The Salt Lake Tribune. The ink is yet to dry on a one-year extension he signed earlier this week, yes earlier this week. Sloan will be 69 next month and leaves the post as the third-winningest coach in NBA history with 1,221 wins.

Sloan has been on the bench for 23 season in Utah and had had one yes one losing season in those 23 years. Sloan was in the midst of his 26 year overall after beginning his NBA coaching career in Chicago, who ironically his Jazz lost to last night 91-86.

Led by Sloan on the bench with Karl Malone and John Stockton running the best pick and roll you'll ever see, the Jazz reached the Finals in '96-'97 and '97'98 seasons losing both to well the Chicago Bulls.

As shocking as it may be the weirdest thing is going to be watching the Jazz not having Sloan on the bench. Do you realize he was a fixture in Salt Lake City, so much so that he was the longest tenured head coach in the league, forget the league how about all of American professional sports period.