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Monday, February 21, 2011

Kobe The Spokesperson, Paul The Answer and Melo Just Wanted To Have Fun

The All Star weekend is all about fun. Yes there were labor meetings and other such business but it's about having fun. Were big Craig Sager fans but this almost reminded us of Jim Gray and Pete Rose in 2000, hell bent to talk about it.

Kobe chimed in, well shut it down and you know what that's what he should have done. Chris Paul though is very funny. After the Kobe shutdown Paul then ask "whats the question I might know the answer". Now if you want to dig CP3 might just know the answer since the attention will shift to him after whatever happens with 'Melo happens.

Yea their human it was a fun time to kick it on the bench and enjoy the weekend. We know Melo hasn't dodge any questions and wasn't going to dodge that one but we know we weren't going to get anything other than what we have been hearing the entire time anyway. Oh BTW Chris Paul says he's going back to Syracuse, which state is that in...?