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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

You Can Be On "Inside The NBA"

Short on funds, need a lil gas money or just want a shot at 15 seconds of TV exposure?

Well That's why you love the NBA. The crew over at TNT's "Inside The NBA" needs your help. They reached out via Craigslist and are paying $50 a pop.

NBA on TNT casting background extras for its NBA All Star Special in Hollywood NEXT Thursday, February 17th. Celebrity guest will be on hand for this show. This is a paid casting of $50 cash paid at the end of the taping. Taping is from 5pm-11pm.

Some people will be selected to be on camera for interviews. You MUST be 21 and over to apply.

This shoot takes place on NEXT Thursday, February 17th
Now please no folks that are just going to gaze in awe or scream and yell OMG the whole time or ask Ernie for his hand in marriage or any of that. Just be cool and act like the celeb you are for just those few moments. We also suggest you take doughnuts.