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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Quote Of The Week: Phil Jackson

We shared with you Mark Cuban's comments on the Kings and Hornets trade at the deadline this week. Well now Lakers head coach Phil Jackson has weighed in and actually concurs with Cuban. Phil is why you must love the NBA he's going to get his point across and speak what's on his mind and he did just that again for our quote of the week.

Jackson told the LA Times...

"I want to know who is making that trade and how they can take on that salary when everybody else in the league — I mean this is the owners — [has] to take on this extra salary," said Jackson, and he wasn't done. "Those are things that seem to be manipulations that I'm not quite comfortable with.

Phil wasn't going to leave it at that...

"Where's the consensus? If New Orleans happens to win the championship, does everybody get a trophy in the NBA?"