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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Najera To Garnett "He Hits Like My Grandma"

Eduardo Najera got elbowed by Kevin Garnett late in Monday's game and he let KG know of his displeasure and actually "stood up" to him. According to the Charlotte Observer Najera said after the game..."I just told him he hits like my grandma,'' Najera recalled postgame.

Wow ok so now your Mr. Tough Guy. We all know KG's got that M.O. of being a "bully". ZaZa stood up to him in the playoffs a few years ago and Channing Frye a couple of weeks ago. Really is it that serious to track how many times a person stands up to another player? We'll even throw in this from the Observer...

Garnett is a fraud. I’m not saying he isn’t a great player. I’m saying he only picks on people he thinks are weak. Call his bluff, and he backs off in this really wormy way. Najera, who would be the first to say he’s way beyond his prime, stood up to Garnett’s B.S. Monday. When Garnett elbowed him in the mouth, Najera reminded him he’s no more tough than Najera’s grandma. That’s classic. I’d heard for years that Garnett is a phony, the bully who doesn’t know what to do when he’s called out. Good for Najera


I know one thing my grandma hits pretty hard and I never like getting hit by her.

Here's how Phoenix handles a "bully"...

And don't back down...

Were now awaiting Earl Boykins to stand up.