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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

NBA History: All Stars And Champions

The 60th All Star Game played in Los Angeles' Staples Center, gave us plenty of history and things to notice.

Kobe Bryant dropped in 37 points, grabbed 14 rebounds, added 3 dimes, and 3 rips to earn his 4th All Star Game MVP, tying him with Bob Pettit.

Bob Pettit? All he did was average 20.3ppg and 16.1rpg in 11 All Star Games winning the MVP four times and has a championship ring.

Pettit's #9 hangs in the rafters of The Highlight Factor along with The Human Highlight Reel's #21. How is it you didn't know who he was?

Micheal Jordan played his way to the tune of 14 points 11 rebounds and 11 assist in '97 for the first every triple-double in All Star Game History. Those are Rajon Rondo type numbers when he gets those type of triple-doubles.

LeBron James used 14 points in the fourth quarter to tally 29 points 12 rebounds and 10 assist for his triple-double and played with much emotion in the closing moments. It was an All Star Game and playing on the floor with the best in the game should bring out the competitive fire and with Kobe and LeBron it did. Jordan's '97 team won, LeBron's 2011 team didn't. Kobe's won with an MVP to boot.

And now that Carmello Anthony and Amare Stoudemire will wear the same uniform now...

it happens just in time for the celebration of 40th Anniversary of the 1969-70 championship Knicks team that will be honored at halftime.

The Garden should be festive as February 23rd 2011 will be written. Also for the movement made by Denver, they will receive the biggest trade exception in NBA History with the exception close to $17.15M.