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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Rondo Steals for Boston Playground Hoops

Most us know that Rajon Rondo drops serious dimes on the hardwood to the tune of a league leading 12.5 per game.

If you take a closer look at Rondo's box you'll see he's known for his defense also averaging 2.46 steals a game. It's the steals stat that the people of Boston pay attention to. Rondo is teamed up with Red Bull for the Boston's Got Wings program.

Red Bull and Rondo donate $500 for every steal throughout the season to fixing up community playground basketball courts. The best part of this program is that every 30th steal the community votes on which basketball court will fixed up. If you been to Boston and hooped on the playgrounds you know they need a little fixing up. We love this program because the focus in on defense and if you've ever been on the playground when an exciting steal is made it's just about as good as a breakaway dunk, especially if the steal leads to the breakaway dunk.

The voting has commenced for round four once Rondo reaches 120 steals on the season. You can vote here or just see which courts were chosen in the first three rounds.

You can feel the sincerity of Rondo in this video. Love it Rondo keep stealing for the city courts.