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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

All Star Uniforms May Have a Tighter Fit

The 2011 NBA All Star uniforms were released last week. Now the NBA will allow players the option to wear skin-tight jersey top. Adidas is the maker of the new NBA Revolution 30 jerseys being worn this season. Now each player has the option so were sure that the casual female fan may find this years All Star Game a little more attractive.

Paul Lukus of Uni Watch has the story...

Most NBA players these days wear a compression tank top under their jersey. So why not just skip the jersey and wear the compression undergarment function as the uniform top?

That’s an idea that the NBA has decided to test-drive in the upcoming all-star game. The league will announce today that all players in that game will have the option of wearing skin-tight compression tanks instead of the standard Adidas jerseys.

It isn’t yet clear how many people will take the league up on this offer.

Another idea that were sure a few players are going to try. Th e obvious issue will be the shorts? Will they have skin-tight shorts also or rock the baggy shorts? How do you like the look?