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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Perkins Saluting KG By Wearing Number 5 in OKC?

The love and friendships does run deep in the NBA. The remaining Celtics didn't take the trading of Kendrick Perkins all that well.

With that Perkins is going to return the favor as best he can to at least to one the hardest working defensive player this league has seen. Perkins is now a member of the OKC Thunder and with his old jersey number 43 being available, word has it that he'll opt for jersey number 5 as a tribute/salute to former Celtic teammate Kevin Garnett. Now that's a helluva gesture, beneath the surface. If Perkins picked up anything from KG it will reflect in his game once he's on the floor and mentally comfortable with testing that knee. In someways he's showing that with his heart and respect for the elder statesmen who also arrive directly in the NBA via the high school ranks.

That Celtic bunch was a tight knit bunch!