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Monday, December 13, 2010

BREAKING: Eva Longoria was the cheater with...Penélope Cruz' Brother!

You may have seen the National Inquirer story that she cheated with Lance Armstrong.

That doesn't surprise us at all. But we're not here to talk about that scandal. Our sources have been working on this (information below) for days to bring you the truth about Tony Parker's wife.

Eva Longoria

Sources close to the Cruz family have contacted us to reveal that Eva Longoria carried on an affair with Penélope Cruz' brother Eduardo Cruz during her marriage with Tony Parker.
There are text messages that mention "I can't wait to get you home in my bed" from Eva. (According to the source they just need to be subpoenaed. They couldn't do anything at the time, but saw them as they came through on the Eduardo's phone.) In additon, there were flowers sent from Cruz on multiple occasions. (That can also be traced.)

Eva increasingly made up excuses as to why she couldn't visit San Antonio more often to be with her husband. She blamed it on celebrity engagements. When many times they [Cruz and Longoria] would meet at the Cruz home and engage in, let's say "freaky parties."
Cruz and Longoria

Our source said at those parties they were asked to leave, but the guests would hang out near the pool with little to no clothes on and exchange "favors" as well as exchange " partners."
Eduardo Cruz

Again this source is a former worker, and wants to remain anonymous, even though they are still risking the contract they signed with the family. They are adamant that they don't want to get paid by this leaking this information to us. Their main motivation...get this...
To help Tony Parker. 

I just don't like how Eva is running around acting like the victim. I want Tony's peeps to catch wind of this and start investigating. That's all they have to do...just start looking around and her crap will expose itself. She has scandal. Probably more than him.
the Parkers

Wow! Watch your back!


Anonymous said...

Yep no surprise!

Anonymous said...

don't see the so called proof??
bla bla bla

Anonymous said...

your "sources" aren't very reliable dude.

A 25 yr old with tattoos and piercings...a long lasting relationship xD yeah good luck with that eva cradle robber longora.