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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Spotted: Melo's Billboard, Jay-Z, Ciara and Questlove all courtside

New York is just loving Carmello being intown and in a Knick uniform. Yesterday a new billboard was unveiled featuring Carmello endorsing Boost Mobile.

Carmello with wife La La and son Kiyan with the massive billboard in the backdrop...

The family was shown the ad from a double-decker bus to get the full view of it...

With the Nets playing the Knicks Jay-Z being spotted courtside was kind of default. No college players were reported in the expensive seats near Jay-Z.

Drummer Questlove with the Kniclks dancers... take your pick boy!

and is it safe to consider Ciara a regular now courtside at the Garden? Love the shoes C!

Jalen Rose Issues Apology For DUI Citation

So the folks at Duke are loving this, in a private room somewhere maybe. At any rate Jalen Rose is still keeping it real even when in the midst of a DUI citation near his home in Detroit. Jalen took to his Facebook page to issue an apology. Unlike some celebs/athletes that get caught up in legal trouble, Rose's apology is as from the heart as you can get.

I apologize to my family, my employer and each and every one of my supporters for my lapse in judgment. I am particularly sorry for disappointing those who trust me to serve as a role model for young people.

I accept full responsibility for my actions and look forward to a resolution of the legal matter as soon as possible.

It's cool Jalen everyone has a bump in the road, keep rolling!

UPDATED with video: Dominique Wilkins Defends Himself Against Attacker

Dominique Wilkins was honored at halftime by the Atlanta Tip-off Club with the 2011 Steve Schmit Sportsman of the Year award, by the end of the game and after wrapping up his television responsibilities he was tossing punches in defense of an attacker.

Rashan S. Michel, 36, was arrested and charged with one count of simple battery following the incident, Officer K.Y. Jones with Atlanta police told the AJC.

Michel, who told police he was owed money for suits purchased several years ago, hit Wilkins in the chest and also hit a security guard, Jones said. Michel, of Atlanta, has worked as an NBA and college basketball referee and previously owned his own clothing store.

"The fan was promptly arrested and was taken into custody by the Atlanta Police Department," Hawks spokesman Arthur Triche said in a statement to the AJC. "At this time the Hawks have no additional information or comment regarding this situation."

NBA.com's Sekou Smith tweeted that Wilkins got in three "solid" punches during the brief fight, while his assailant landed none.

And this is no way to look on a mugshot after running up on a Hall of Famer.

and the video is via TMZ...

Didn't mama teach you not to go to somebody job to question or attempt to collect a debt? The busted up attacker has since stated that he will sue both Wilkins and the Hawks organization.

Amar'e and Ciara quietly becoming an item...Melo getting major love

We'll continue to keep our ears to the street and give you the latest but it seems there is something going on with these two.

Sources say Ciara and Amar’e had dinner at STK in New York alone together two weeks ago, when Amar’e was overheard asking for a private table as they arrived. They’ve also been spotted at The Collective.

And with all this star power in New York now, they desire is there to make 'Melo as comfortable as possible.

Sources said the team booked a private room for the 75-person bash and ordered a three-tier cake decorated with Melo's jersey, yellow taxi cabs and the New York skyline.


Vintage Pics: NBAers As Kids

Somebody raided the scrapbook...

Aren't they too cute. Awwww

Bosh is just a little too close to his nose though

These guys are pretty cute also.

Kobe or Michael...or both

We just felt like talking about Kobe and Michael today.

And Kobe is donning the old number 8, when he really was in "Jordan mode".


Lamar and Khole Release Promo Pics

The lovely couple that we have began to fall in love with has released their prom pics for their upcoming reality TV show set to hit the air April 10th.

and these are some great pics, you can see their happiness...

And just in case you need a warm up for their show here is the full trailer, enjoy!

"Mr. Clutch" Nails a Hole-In-One

Golf is that sport that the big boys play for fun and gamble hole after hole on. Golf is what keeps you active while filling that competitive void for many athletes well after their playing days are over.

For some athletes though it doesn't matter what the sport is and it's sometimes said that basketball players can play just about any sport and compete at a respectable level(not including Jordan in baseball), enough to still dish out a little trash talk if they so choose. Well add Jerry West to that list. The man has two statues on both coast in this country and he still continues to come up clutch whether it be int he front office or on the green.

Proof in the pudding is West's latest feat of a hole-in-one this week at the Lakers Celebrity Invitational at Riviera Country Club.

According to the LA Times...

He aced the 138-yard, par-3 16th with an 8-iron. Two of the par-3s in the charity event showcased cars for anyone who aced the hole.

Ironically, the prize on the 16th was Lakers season tickets, and of course, West already has those and rarely goes to games anyway.

"I didn't think I'd make another one," West said in a phone interview from his office at Riviera. "I was pretty lucky. Actually, it was a good shot. It was going real close to the hole, and it kind of spun in the hole. It's the first time I'd played in a while. The caddie pointed his finger down to the hole, and I had no idea what the heck he was talking about.

"Any time you do something like that, you're not as thrilled as everyone else you're playing with. It's a unique thing to happen. A lot of people play for a lifetime and are very accomplished golfers and never have one."

Still coming up clutch is "Mr. Clutch". Doesn't it always work that way, if your not that good at something or haven't done it in a while you always accomplish the hardest feat?

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

JJ Barea Has Miss Universal Taste

Dallas Mavs PG JJ Barea is dating Miss Universe. Yes Miss Universe from 2006 but none-the-less a very attractive Zuleyka Rivera, a native of Puerto Rico. Now that is just impressive. We don't know how one would land a Miss Universe but does that really matter, we don't think so.

Jeff Caplan of ESPNDallas has the scoop...

"She has NBA League Pass now," Barea said, smiling. "She watches our games. It's pretty good, man."

The six-month relationship has heated up the past couple of months, said Barea, who first made contact with the NBA's newest fan in September, about two weeks before he returned to Dallas from Puerto Rico to report to Mavs training camp.

How does one go about contacting Miss Universe?

"Text message," said Barea, who did his own reconnaissance work to obtain her phone number. "I sent her a message to say hi, something simple like hope you're doing good."

Well alright then JJ do your thing, were happy for you and your teammates....?

"My [friends] are happy for me; my teammates are happy for me, too," Barea said. "It's cool. My family is happy as long as I'm happy. It's all good."

Yep life has got to be good, not mad at you one bit especially since she has League Pass!!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Courtside: Knicks sidelines...LaLa Anthony, Kim Kardashian + Ciara (solo)

LaLa Vazquez and Kim Kardashian were cheered by fans as they walked across the court at the Milwaukee Bucks Vs New York Knicks Game.

Oh...to get another reality star, Angela Simmons!

Kim, no doubt like pictures.

the ladies enjoy the view...Hey Kim, your man plays for the other team in the area....ya know at the Izod Center.
And yesterday, their other BFF singer Ciara was at the Knicks...as they finally squeezed a win out of Orlando.

Ciara cheers.

She shows a fan the phot she took.

Jimmy Fallon, Tracy Morgan and Fat Joe cheer the home team.

Tracy is trying to talk to Fat joe...but he's preoccupied.

Tracy Morgan listens to his girl.

Monday, March 28, 2011

NBA-FP TV Weekly: 3/29/2011

We've got another exclusive interview for you, Lebron James. Respecting our elders, a great little bundle of joy and catching up with the Heat off the court. That and more this week on NBA-FP TV TRT 4:09

EXCLUSIVE: LeBron James does his best interview all year...the Boys and Girls Club

NBA FrontPage has landed another exclusive. Friend to our website Kelvin Sims from the Boys & Girls Clubs of America  shared with us this special interview that LeBron James gave some lucky kids the other day.
LBJ with the teen interviewers.
The Boys and Girls Club of America has a multimedia website where teen reporters don't have to wait until they grow up to start a broadcast career. The staff and volunteers help put them in real life work situations, so when the Heat went to Atlanta the other day, LeBron visited the BGCA headquarters and made some dreams come true.

Sims says on myclubmylife.com:
LeBron chose Boys & Girls Clubs as his charity of choice to receive all of the proceeds from that announcement. The $3 million donation includes 1,000 new computers for select Clubs to ensure more members are educated in digital literacy -- something he feels strongly about.
He spoke of places like local Clubs that gave kids like him a safe place to play when there were limited opportunities.
Check out myclubmylife.com teen reporters Nikki and Taylor in exclusive interviews.
The first video he talks with Nikki about education and digital literacy, and how leading a healthy lifestyle and making smart food choice.

Here "the King" gets candid with Taylor about his "Decision".

Sims says the kids were super excited to chat with the king...and to be featured on our website.

LBJ with the teen reporters.

*Hey kids...sign up for our FanZone...it's free and you can win prizes be featured on our show and talk about your favorite players!!!

Good job teens!
Big ups LBJ!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spotted: LeBron James, Dwyane Wade courtside at the Sony Ericsson Open

 It's not often during the NBA season that we see NBA stars courtside.
Check out what LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and his boys did over the weekend.

2011 Sony Ericsson Open held at Crandon Park Tennis Center in Key Biscayne, Florida. LeBron and Wade and kids with tennis great Rafael Nadal. 

the folks taking the court

their celebrity work is never done.

Wade's kids look on, while the big boys chat.

*Nice day out!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

GWallace Models Jumpman Jumbo Polo

GWallace use to hoop it up for Jordan's NBA squad until a trade deadline deal in late February. Wallace has no ill effects and understands it's a business so he had no issue modeling the Jumpman Jumbo Polo.

Seems like we can spot a few other NBA stars that are apart of the Jordan Brand,isn't that DWade in pink with his back turned and CHris Paul in the back in green?

Spotted: Chris Bosh Turns 27 In Style

Heat forward Chris Bosh had quite a birthday weekend as he turned 27 in style....he recieved a cake at a tennis match...

Hung out with teammates Mario Chalmers, Juwan Howard and Udonis Haslem...

and with his fiance' Adrienne Williams...

and the other two members of Miami's big three were on hand as well, with the cake...

Seems like everyone had fun at Bosh's "Chris Bosh Distinguished Gentleman Birthday Dinner" at Philippe Chow in Miami.

Mo Williams Tweets A Comparision

Twitter is fun and sometimes you don't even have to look far to find and good one from your favorite players that makes you laugh or go hmmm.

Mo Williams is someones favorite player believe that but after a loss to the Lake Show he felt more like a DB getting laid out all game than a Clipper's guard when he dropped this tweet.

Just think about the tweets the Bad Boy Pistons or Bruce Bowen would have gotten...

Friday, March 25, 2011

Jon Brockman and his trick shots

Milwaukee Bucks forward Jon Brockman has started a Youtube series where he shows you what he's got...with trick shots.

Jon Brockman
*So...what do you think? Will he go viral?

Carmelo Anthony's Wife Clears up Rumors of infidelity once and for all!

LaLa Vazquez
LaLa Vazquez Anthony is a celebrity in her own right. So she recently took New York radio for a candid chat. 
(it's about 20mins...)

The YBF.com narrowed down the important highlights for you:

* Bump groupies, Lala says she's used to them from his whole career. Plus, she believes he knows he has more respect for her after 8 years than to cheat.
* The story about Carmelo having an alleged love child is laughable. She wouldn't still be his wife if it were true.
* She's not doing "Basketball Wives." The show doesn't work for her.
* Her "Full Court Life" show debuts in August on VH1. She also just shot a film with Val Kilmer and is auditioning for several shows as this is "pilot season."
* When asked why she "allowed" Kim to record that mess of a record, she defended her girl. She said the record was for charity and Kim was having fun even though she's not known for singing. So she's happy she could do that and we should "cut her some slack." (SIIIIGHHHHH)
* She defended Ciara saying her album didn't do well because there was a lot of transitions behind the scenes with management and such. She believes her album was great and she's a great performer. Oh, and she said Ci's going to the game's with HER, not for Amar'e. (Mmmhmm)
* On Chris Brown hoopla: "Chris is definitely a friend of myself and Melo's. If we weren't there... If God can forgive, who are we? That man as been through a lot. He's paid his debt to society 10x over."
* She says she and Carmelo argue about Melo being a homebody and she wants to go out often.
* She's not a good cook, but Melo is.
* She doesn't have a live-in nanny or help--chick is even using Dreft laundry detergent for her baby as she does do her own laundry. Loves it.
* About not getting along with the Knick wives, she recently discovered the reason they haven't reached out to her is because there ARE no wives. But she's meeting more of the fiance's and girlfriends.
* She's addicted to shoes and works hard to buy what she wants.
* La says she doesn't want anymore kids. She had a tough pregnancy and she doesn't want to put her body through it again. Adoption in the future is an option though.
* Telling family "No" is hard now especially since she's back in NY with her family. They're always asking for tix to the games and it's extrememly difficult.
* Yeah--she's sent Melo naked pics. You gotta keep the marriage fresh.

Must See: Ron Artest Raps on George Lopez's Show

You are going to enjoy this.
After a recent game, Ron Artest mentioned he was shooting a music video.
You may have thought..."For what song?"
Ron Artest in the studio

Well, here's the song: Go Loco.
It features GLO, Fat Joe, Ron Artest, B-Real, Max & Lenny & Taz Perform and Geroge Lopez, himself!

*Credit goes to Artest for putting this together!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Playoff Beards for the Magic

Teams always look to show some form of unity when it comes playoff time. In some form or fashion every player on a squad does the same thing. Well the Orlando Magic have decided to go the beard route over other choices that we've all seen before.

Dwight Howard said...

"We thought about the bald heads, but some of us — myself — don't look right with a bald head. Then we thought about letting our hair grow out; then [we realized] we've got a lot of guys who are going bald, so [it would] look funny with just patches in their head.

and Quentin Richardson added,

"It's one of those team things. Togetherness. It's something fun at the same time. It's going to definitely look funny, I know."

Beards are just hot and itchy but we hope it pays off for you guys

Spotted: Aretha Franklin Courtside In New York

The Knicks always have the stars courtside and there is always someone showing up, like music star Aretha Franklin.....

Looking good Aretha.....

and had the male company with her

and resident Knick fan Spike Lee

Video: Little OKC Fan Getting His Laugh On

We love our fans and we especially love the little fans. This little OKC fan is getting a kick out of something and in the process we got a kick out of him....

Awwww he's soooo cute!