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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Spotted: Shaquille O'Neal uses girlfirend to rehab

Shaq hasn't been playing basketball for some months now...but these photos will let you know that his rehab is moving forward swimmingly.
Remember back in February we told you about Hoopz' reality show about fitness?

A local Boston television crew recently visited Hoopz and Shaquille O'Neal in their Boston home to get a preview of their extremely wild workouts.

And the 5'2" girl is strong as she picks up the 300+ lbs NBA player.

they show off crazy, I mean crazy demonstrations.

and finally, a flip!

They demonstrated the balancing act.

Friday, April 29, 2011

UPDATED:Chris Bosh IS Married.

UPDATE: It is official, Christopher Wesson Bosh and Adrienne Nicole Williams are husband and wife and were married on April 9th 2011 as the marriage license below indicates. Bosh denied that the couple was married at a recent NBA presser when the question was posed to him. Well hey sometimes you just don't believe it yourself. Something tells us that Adrienne isn't all that upset about the intial denial by her new hubby but still why deny it? Congradulations to the newlyweds and we wish you the best! Courtsey of TMZ, here is the offical marriage certificate.

We've been keeping you up on the happenings of Chris Bosh and his finace' Adrienne Williams as they prepare for their wedding. Well Well have they already tied the knot on the low, much like Shannon Brown and Monica did late in 2010?

Well according to TMZ yes they have. And here is the Marriage License....

Well the government can't lie, even though they sometimes do but why would they about a marriage license. So if Bosh and Williams are now officially husband and wife then Congrats to them.

Most times the NBA players marry in the off-season just so the bride will not complain about not getting the perfect wedding or the most elaborate honeymoon or what have you but maybe in this case Adrienne wanted it done before the Heat win the championship and the groupies really break out the closet for "Mr. Softee". At any rate again we are happy for the couple on their... " marriage"

Video: 2011 NBA Playoffs Bobblehead Commercial

Another fun commercial from the NBA...

Man those guys have too much fun on a daily basis!

Spotted: Carmelo Anthony at TIME Magazine's Gala

TIME magazine recently released their issue of their 100 most influential people in the world.
And Carmelo Anthony and wife Lala hit the red carpet.

The couple poses on the red carpet

LaLa looks great in her black dress
Looked like a great evening.

Fan video: Pita's ULTIMATE Pep Rally Speech

Hispanic music group's front-man Andres Gabriel Pita for Los Primeros created this intense video for the Miami Heat's playoff run.

*Pretty intense.
Los Primeros
*NBA Fans can be anyone! 

Photo: Kevin Love in ESPN The Magazine

Kevin Love is chillin' in the off-season.
Photo By Jake Chessum
via ESPN The Magazine

Gilbert Arenas cuts off his babies' mother

We've reported over the months the drama between Gilbert Arenas and his babies' mother Laura Govan.
From the time he moved from Washington D.C. there has been report after report of how nasty their separation has been.

Gilbert Arenas and Laura Govan ...in happier times

The latest comes to us from a source at the Washington Post.

Laura never paid the moving company she hired to move her out of the D.C> area home in January 2011. She allegedly used Gilbert's credit card to finance the move. She put down a $50.00 deposit for the $25,000 move. Then Govan manually approved the charges once her items arrived to California end of January.
Gilbert wrote to the moving company in mid February that the two credit card charges Laura made to the company were fraudulent and he never approved them.

American Express refunded the money back to Gilbert, and Laura then changed the name on the contract--"to protect the privacy of the family"--to Laura Mendoza-Govan instead of Laura Arenas.

So JK Moving & Storage company is suing the both of them for breach of contract under both their names. (THEY JUST WANT THEIR MONEY!) They're demanding their full balance of $25,000+, plus interest and 40% of attorney fees.

The most interesting part of this court document is that the moving company claims Laura--who told them her name was "Laura Arenas"--said she and the kids were moving to California in order to build the dream life for them and Gilbert after his retirement.

Here's a link to the court document.


Video: Charles Barkely workouts out

The latest excercise craze is cross-fit. It's interval training inspired by military workouts.

So check this video of Charles Barkley going at it!

Barkely cross-fit
*Which one of these is not like the other?

Al Horford Advances With Exclusive Kicks

Al Horford and the Atlanta Hawks are in the second round of the playoffs by defeating the Orlando Magic 4-2 in the first round. In the Game 6 closeout game Horford laced up an exclusive pair of kicks.

The Nike Air Max Hyperdunk was made for Al and the teams color scheme.

Nice line in the closeout game of 10 points 12 rebounds and 6 assist for Horford. House of Hoops may have a pair for you if you like them. Do you?

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Gary Neal hits 3 pointer at buzzer to send Spurs to OT and then win

The San Antonio Spurs are perhaps the most under-whelming one seed the NBA has seen in a while. They landed atop the western conference, but never really had much to show for it. However, all of their inadequacies came to the fore-front against the Memphis Grizzles. A young team who's grit and power up front was able to push the Spurs to the brink by leading their series 3-1. Last night's game 5 looked like it was a wrap for the Spurs. With just over 2 seconds left, it looked like Manu Ginobili scored the game tying 3 pointer until a replay showed his left foot was right on the line, making it just a two and leaving the Spurs down by one. Zach Randolph hit both of his free throw shots which put the Grizzlies back up by 3 with just 1.7 seconds left on the clock. Then, this happened:

Yep. The Grizzlies weren't able to rebound from that shocking disappointment and lost the game in overtime. See you in Memphis.

Who doesn't love basketball in April?

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Video: 2011 NBA Playoffs Commercials ".4" and "Rebounds"

The lastest in the series of 2011 NBA Playoff commercials is out. When you say .4 seconds left and Derek Fisher, even the most casual of fans know what it is.

I think we like hearing from the ball however! Best part is how the air was let our of the building...forreal!

And here is the ball talking about the closeness it has with Dwight Howard...

Makes your wonder, where will Jordan fit into this whole series.

NBA FP TV Weekly: 4/26/11

Bosh Married? Dwight seeking loot? Best Fans of the first round, DRose tats and a heck of a history lesson for the "I'm going to play in the NBA" kids. That and much more this week on NBA-FP TV. Are you being interactive? TRT 3:56

Dwight Howard and Royce Reed at it again!

Those two people there are well...unhappy. Although they are not together they still must deal with each other and it seems that it's getting far worse than better and by a long margin.

Dwight Howard is seeking $500k from former Miami Heat, Orlando Magic, baby momma and now "Basketball Wife" Royce Reed. One question... is Basketball Wives paying like that? OK maybe for Evelyn but Royce. Now we know why she came back for another season despite what she must be quite tired of.

Dwight tried going for $500M in Florida, really Dwight $500M? Well that was cut down to $500k and now he is invading California for Royce's assets. Hmmm is all we can say as there HAS got to be more to this than what meets the eye, surface and another analogy you want to throw out there.

Maybe he's trying to swipe Royce of everything she has in Cali because he wants to be an actor and may be looking to move there in a couple of years and wear a purp and gold uni...? Nah...gotta be deeper than that.

Whatever it is just get it figured out before the little Superman is old enough to KNOW what is going on.

Meanwhile Dwight is on the losing end of a 3-1 playoff series with the Atlanta Hawks while Royce is...well doing the "Basketball Wives" thing...What would Evelyn have to say?

Monday, April 25, 2011

Spotted: Derrick Rose and Grant Hill

Yea Derrick Rose should be the MVP this season, hands down no disscussion. We before he shows off his MVP trophy in pursuit of the Larry O'Brien trophy he took a moment to show his chest tattoo in this photo.

The season is over for Grnat Hill and his Phoenix Suns but the schedule doesn't get any lighter for Hill and his wife, singer Tamia.

The couple were at the Tribeca Film Festival last week. Grant was there promoting his upcoming documentary "Starting at the Finish Line: The Coach Buehler Story".

Add the duty of being on the Board of Governors for the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame (a 3 year position) and Hill will stay busy. Hill became the first ever active player to be on the Board of Governors. Safe to safe he's HOF bound.

NBA History: Playoff History Night in and Night out

We love the playoffs, you love the playoffs and even grandpa who rocks in his rocking chair even wakes up from an all day nap to catch some of the playoff action. We'll now grandpa is telling you "you were a lil kid the last time someone did that". Grandpa however is witnessing the records he saw set broke and they are coming in mass.

Take Rajon Rondo on April 22nd 2011... He stole the show in New York for the first playoff game in what 7 years at The Garden. Rondo pulled out another triple double but this wasn't just any ole triple double, it was a triple double with 20 assist, yes 20 assist. At one point during the season Rondo said it was his goal to average 20 assist in a season. Well he didn't do that but he did step into elite company in the postseason. Magic Johnson was the last player to tally a triple double in the playoffs with 20 or more assist when he did it in Game 5 of the 1991 NBA Finals (The game Michael Jordan won his first championship...to add convey deeper meaning) in what would be his final game before entering into his first retirement in October of that year.

Well here's another one. On April 23rd 2011 The Dallas Mavericks were leading by as many as 23 points in the second half of Game 4 against Portland and by as many as 18 going into the fourth quarter when Brandon Roy woke up and woke up in a big way. Roy finished the fourth quarter with 18 points on 8 of 10 shooting (24 for the game) and lead the Rip City Blazers to the largest playoff comeback since Paul Pierce brought his Celtics back from 21 points in 2002 against the New Jersey Nets.

Caught ya breath yet? Moving on Chris Paul on April 24th 2011, yes CP3 is doing it all. With his triple double of 27 points 15 assist and 13 rebounds in a Game 4 win over the Los Angeles Lakers he joined Oscar Robertson as the only two players to tally a triple double in the playoffs with at least 25 points, 15 assist and 10 rebounds in NBA history . "Mr. Triple Double" himself, Oscar Robertson still has the upper hand on Paul as he has pulled off the feat twice. Once in 1962 and then again in 1964. Still whenever your mentioned with Oscar Robertson your in pretty good company.

Now go and catch your breath. The Playoffs are just in the first round so more records may be broken or set. Amazing!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Dr. J and Converse open New Basketball Courts in Atlanta

On Thursday April 21st, 2011, history was made in Atlanta, GA as Converse and Julius “Dr. J” Erving, unveiled an outdoor basketball court in historic Piedmont Park.
Dr. J speaks to kids in Atlanta.

Along with Dr. J, Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed and Atlanta City Council President Ceasar Mitchell were in attendance to help kick off the festivities. Converse opened one full court and one half court, with the Converse logo emblazoned on both. Through Converse’s HOOPAtlanta Bounce Back program, Converse has donated over 5,000 basketballs to schools in Fulton and DeKalb Counties. Before the official unveiling of the courts, friends and family were treated to basketball games played by Converse’s Open Gym with some of the kids of Atlanta. Open Gym has helped change the lives of over 50,000 kids nationwide, with nearly 17,000 in the metro Atlanta area.

the donated courts logo

Geoff Cottrill, Chief Marketing Officer of Converse had this to say:
“Converse is thrilled to celebrate basketball and the donation of these courts with Piedmont Park Conservancy, as they continue to implement their Master Plan to enhance the park for future generations. We (Converse) have enjoyed working with the City of Atlanta over the past few years to help inspire children through the game of basketball, and are happy that basketball is now part of this beautiful, historic park.”
Mayor Kasim Reed:
“By participating in sports and engaging in regular physical fitness activities, our young people get much-needed exercise and develop important social skills, such as teamwork and cooperation.”
There were numerous former basketball players in attendance including one of the NBA’s most historic three point shooters, Dale Ellis.
After speaking about his life growing up, Dr. J and Mayor Reed officially opened up the court with a tip-off with some of the Open Gym kids and then Dr. J took a couple of jumpers.
Games begin on the new courts!

Source: AP

Jay-Z Takes Nets Ownership Seriously

So Jay-Z aka Shawn Carter is always on a sideline somewhere. Makes sense for a person that has a stake in a franchise and is close with several high profile players in the Association.

Well it's not for show according to Nets GM Billy King. King told Stefan Bondy of the New York Daily News...

"I think a lot of those so-called guys that have parts of teams, they vanish,” King said. “There was one in Cleveland, what was his name? Usher. They haven’t seen him. I think Nelly in (Charlotte) – haven’t seen him. But Jay-Z, I think players see that it’s more of a passion for him, not just something he’s involved in.”

Wait when you stop and think about it where is Usher and Nelly when it comes to their piece of ownership with their franchises? Nelly is in Charlotte every blue moon and has Usher been by the lake since "The Decision"?

King continued...

“To see (Jay-Z) give a pitch on Brooklyn, and the passion about going to Brooklyn – you see it on tape, you see it on TV. To see him in a room with Carmelo, and making it, you see the passion there,” King said. “And if he’s as passionate about Brooklyn, I just can’t imagine what the other people that live there are going to be like when we get there. And to see him as involved and as passionate about the Nets, to me, it’s a real positive. It’s not just something that he’s just using, or investing in. It’s something that he’s going to be involved in even more when we get – next season, I think, even further, we go to Brooklyn.”

And when it comes to basketball related business...

“I send him emails, or relate, ‘What about this guy?’” King said. “But he is fully invested. Not just financially, but from the heart.”

Good to hear. really if your going to have some stake in a pro organization you should go about it wholesouled. Now do the people in the league office know this, well yea, why do you think they got so upset and "knocked the hustle" when Jay-Z chatted it up with college players. Because he's a SERIOUS businessman

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Grant Hill Elected to HOF Board

Being one of the oldest players in the game isn't always a bad thing, especially when your making up for lost time. True Grant Hill and his sidekick Steve Nash are watching the playoffs this season but in the long run they may need the extra rest going into next season, Neither is showing signs of retirement and both are pretty busy any way. Well maybe not Nash who is shooting hoops at the local park, let him tell it because he has nothing else to do but as for Grant Hill, well he has plenty to do.

Hill was elected to a three year term on the Naismith Basketball Hall Of Fame board of governors. Hill is the first active player to every do so but when your as old as he is it almost seems fitting. Hill has always keep a high standard and been a pros pro during his life and basketball career. Heck even Shaunie O'Neal says he doesn't go out side of his marriage, but anyway.

Congrats to Grant on this accomplishment. He's the first active player to ever be elected to the Hall's board of directors and that speaks volumes, especially when you hear the cries of how the NBA should have it's own Hall of Fame, nah don't think so, the NBA is not bigger than the game of basketball although it is the cream of the crop, the ultimate measuring stick, the league many aspire and dream to play in. Yet how may players would seek this role.

The longer Grant Hill and Jason Kidd play the more you just feel like they are trying to settle that co-rookie of the year award from 1995. Pretty good vote that year huh? Either way Grant Hill is going to be a Hall of Famer, one way or another.

Episode 3: LeBron James Presents "The LeBrons"

I know a lot of you follow this web series from our site, so peep the third installment of LeBron James Presents "The LeBrons"


In this episode: "Gloria" of the all new animated series from the mind of LeBron James: "The LeBrons."

The LeBrons
If you didn't check the other episodes, you can find them in our video gallery.

Spotted: John Salley

John Salley took a moment this week to hang with the ladies at Halle Berry's 3rd Annual Celeb Golf Tournament Silver Rose Gala over the weekend.

Video: Spotted: Allen Iverson with the SoSo Def Crew

Allen Iverson has been hanging out in his new home Atlanta a lot lately...
well, I guess when you're forced to retire prematurely...

Anyway, Jermaine Dupree and Da Brat recorded a remix od Chris Brown's "Look at me Now."

Check out Allen Iverson long cameo:

Iverson is fussy because they don't have his picture on the wall in the studio.

Look at him now...

SLAM Mag's Playoff covers, feat. Heat, Knicks,Lakers and Bulls

So this is fun.
Check out these four covers of SLAM Magzine's Playoff Issue.


Melo's Knicks...Oh, where's Amar'e?


The Lake Show...can the get it again?!

*We love SLAM Mag.
I hope they love us back!

Video: Kobe's PSA for Tolerance

Last Tuesday, Lakers and league superstar Kobe Bryant created a bit of a firestorm when he called referee Bennie Adams by a homophobic slur during a regular-season game against the Spurs. He was fined $100k by the league. He also was criticized because his apology seemed lacking in that he did not totally own up to his actions, instead he claimed he didn't mean it. The problem with that take is that, even though Bryant didn't think Adams is actually gay, the words still left an impact.
Bryant in his rant

So to his credit, Bryant is making more efforts to repair his relations with the LGBT community.  Bryant and four of his Laker teammates have recorded a short public service announcement about valuing all people, especially those with differences. While other Lakers discuss elements like religion, Kobe tackles sexual orientation. The message ran during the second quarter of Wednesday night's game against the Hornets at Staples Center and will presumably continue for the rest of the playoffs and beyond.

*What do you think?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

NBA-FP TV: Weekly 4/19/2011

Oh this weeks it's ALL about the shoes!!! Plus we show the outgoing Sacramento King fans some love. TRT 4:08

Video: Steve Nash get's lap dance from Nicki Minaj

Remember a few days ago when Chris Paul got a lap dance from Nicki Minaj?

Well, the rapper/singer made her way to Phoenix, and put it on Steve Nash:

Then he tweeted about it.
Nash tweet

And all of his friends around the league did too.
Vince Carter tweet
And then Nicki, Nicki retweeted:
Nicki Minaj tweet

Monday, April 18, 2011

Third Version of Lebron 8 PS Hit the Hardwood/Stores

Lebron James is rocking the final edition of his Lebron 8 PS shoe from Nike for the playoffs. In the wake that there is news of his shoe not performing as well as Kobe's has of late, the rocking of a new pair for the playoffs that also debuted in stores on the say day the playoffs commenced is a way to help those sales.

When the playoffs rolled around Michael had a new shoe but didn't it always seem like you couldn't get them until a few days after he rocked them first? MJ would tease us by breaking them out in a all star game first.

Another factor about the third and final edition is they are anywhere from 1.4 to 2.4 ounces lighter. Good, maybe when you pick them up if you so choose, you may not feel like your wearing boots.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Spotted: Bosh and Fiance' Celebrate

The Miami Heat have been filled with birthday parties and celebrations all season or so it seems. This weekend it was the celebration for Adrienne Williams, the fiance' of Chris Bosh...

The couple held an intimate dinner at their South Beach area home. The dinner was sponsored by Haute Living and Dom Perignon headlining the kick off of the Haute 100 celebrations.

The event brought out Lebron James and his girlfriend Savannah Brinson, Dwyane Wade and his girlfriend Gabrielle Union and a host of other friends.

The fella's were hanging out as well for the intimate dinner...

And the WAGS posed for a photo together...

Former Miami Heat star Alonzo Mourning was there as well and posed with Chris Bosh...

Mourning is joined by his wife Traci while Bosh is joined by his fiance' Adrienne Williams...

Great event and way to keep the parities going in Miami