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Time to Say Good Bye

We've have a great run. But now it's time to say goodbye.


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About NBA-FP

NBA FrontPage is an entertainment sports website with focus on the National Basketball Association and its stars. We report primarily on the off-the-court and socially amusing activities from the basketball world, including gossip and rumors.
NBA FrontPage.com is the primary host site for NBA FrontPage Show: a weekly, fan-based, update show. We also have exclusive player interviews from our in-the-know staff of contributors, producers and even former players. The cool part is our social network section for NBA super-fans, providing them an interactive voice on our site with discussions, debates, and photo and video sharing.
Our goal is to grow to become the most credible source for NBA non-game entertainment and the ultimate sports fan website.


Davina "Dayvee" Sutton 

“the voice of the fan and the friend of the athlete”
Dayvee is the creator and founder of NBA FrontPage. She is an experienced TV presenter, print journalist, network television producer, and has traveled internationally as a contributor for CNN. She's earned two national Sports Emmys while working for Turner Sports (NBA TV, NBA.com, TBS, TNT) and has also worked for ESPN, Comcast Sports and got her start in radio.
Dayvee prides herself in her ability to casually “chat” with people to get the best information for stories. That’s how she earned her title “the voice of the fan and the friend of the athlete.”
Dayvee says she started NBA FrontPage because there were stories she never got to report while working for the NBA, but everyone was curious about on the side...everyone, from players to league personnel. In 2008 she started the podcast/TV show and it immediately went viral...especially the interviews with players segment named "Dayvee vs..."
Today Dayvee does less reporting for the site, but maintains and requires that all of her staff keep the same journalistic integrity when posting to the site. She says "Credibility is earned and once you break your audience's trust...it can't be restored." 

Currently Dayvee is the entertainment reporter for WCNC, the NBC affiliate, in Charlotte North Carolina. She received her Bachelor degree from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), and then went to broadcast school in Atlanta.
Learn more about Dayvee at www.dayveesutton.com 

Joel Hillsman 

Joel joined NBA FrontPage the 2009 season as production assistant/photographer, the next year he moved up to producer, then executive producer for the show and website. Now he's the man who runs the TV department, co-hosts and also juggles many other duties as business partner for NBA FrontPage.

Follow him on twitter @JHillsman

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