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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Motown Comedy Hour

That is our friend is Tracy McGrady of the Detroit Pistons getting one last laugh on what was a "funny" day for the Detroit Pistons. The laugh by T-Mac, on the bench, came when Piston Head Coach (for now, according to Marc Stein of ESPN) John Kuester's ejection from their game in Philly tonight. Safe to say there is no brotherly love being felt by the clan from Motown.

All of this laughter could be brought on by what is being thrown around as a "player protest" when only 6 members of the Pistons made it to shootaround. Tracy McGrady, Richard Hamilton, Tayshun Prince and Chris Wilcox skipped out on the practice. Looking at the box score none of them received playing time and you can add Austin Daye and Rodney Stuckey to the DNP list also. So in essence the Pistons played rec ball playing only 6 players all night.

Kuester said earlier in the day when questioned about the absences...

“We’ll go with the group that was here,” said Kuester. “We got a number of guys that have a bug.

Wonder if it dawned on him that HE may the bug and the only thing left to do was remove himself from the game. That's funny, especially since the guys with the bug were on the bench. If you got the bug stay at the hotel, wait they did that earlier in the day.

Wow too much going on in Detroit. All of this and they still have a shot at the 8th spot. Hey you'll got to find the positive in this thing. Wonder how the plane rides are, maybe that's why some missed the bus to shootaround.