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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Jordan Laces Up for Bobcats Practice

After a bashing to the Boston Celtics in December Jordan addressed the team in the locker room afterwards instead of then head coach Larry Brown. After a 1-point loss to the Pacers in Indiana last night Jordan decided to lace them up for Bobcats practice today. Well the man still loves to compete and to fill it up and don't forget about that Hall of Fame Speech, just keep that in mind so you will not be shocked.

We were wondering what he and Gerald Wallace were talking about on the bench earlier this season and could it have been talk about coming out and showing them up. Well Gerald Wallace had this to say after Bobcats practice with Jordan running the floor

"He's Mike. He's been kicking our (tail)," Bobcats captain Gerald Wallace said Thursday after Jordan had participated in the team's practice again.

"He still has it. He doesn’t have his quickness but he’s a scorer, he’s a shooter. The last thing to go is your jump shot and he still has that."

I don't think we doubt Jordan at all, heck NBA2K11 was centered around "His Airness" but you know the Bobcat players must have 'let up' a little bit with the owner on the floor. Jordan sits on the bench during games and many around basketball don't know if that's good or bad. Heck he owns the team so he can sit where he wants and practice when he wants. Larry Brown didn't have a problem with it while he was there so what about his replacement Paul Silas? Silas says...

"Guys work a little bit harder when he’s out here and rightly so because he’s working hard," Silas said "He’s doing a job on them if they’re not right. You’re not going to let him do a job on you if you’ve got any pride."
Ok it's Jordan. Now someone out there is going to say that Jordan is seeking a comeback (we just asked you not to forget the speech). We really don't think so but Silas added...

"He still can shoot the basketball like unbelievable and he can move well but at his age he couldn’t do it substantially enough for a long period of time," Silas said.

"But for a short period of time, he can get it done."

Well we don't doubt that. Hey look Jordan isn't coming back but anytime he steps on the floor you just can't help but think one of two things, is he serious or he need to sit his old ass down.

Jordan at Bobcats practice last season

Jordan at Bobcats practice last season

Michael today at Bobcats full scrimmage. Just has that fire and telling folks where to be on the floor! Man father time is evil sometimes!