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Monday, May 30, 2011

Melo's Birthday With Friends And A Sail With The Family

Carmelo Anthony continues the off-season fun. He and his lovely wife Lala Vasquez-Anthony were on a boat this past weekend enjoying his 27th birthday.

Melo also hung with Swizz Beatz at a birthday bash for him in NYC. Melo staying busy in the off-season and embracing being back in the Big Apple

Shannon Brown and Monica Snap Pics

This couple, which is quickly becoming one of our favorites, took some husband and wife pics. Just showing their love are singer Monica and Laker guard Shannon Brown

All bliss

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bay Area Fans Get Season Goals From Ownership+Monta Ellis' Tree

The Golden State Warriors ownership is letting their fans know their goals/expectations going into the the 2011-2012 season. If your not a season ticket holder I'd try to call and see if I could get in on the deal. Hey what is the deal, see below...

No doubt what the Warriors are about. They want to know their fans will see a winning product, all-star talent and contend in the NBA Playoffs. Not a bad deal but, oh heck no but but their seeking a head coach. SO letting the fans know their goals prior to naming a head coach is also letting the list of interest parties know as well. Monta Ellis, Stephen Curry, Dorrell Wright provide some pieces needed and many conclude Ellis is a NBA All-Star.

Even with this addition to his art collection....

***Growing Roots?***

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

NBA FP TV Weekly: 5/24/11

A lovely new couple this off-season, fans turning it up, celebs surprises ;and a some history with the word merger.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Daniel Gibson and Keshia Cole Are Married

This couple was spotted a few weeks ago in an Atlanta area mall shopping and pick up cell phone accessories. The couple could soon be switching up their ten digits because now life is different. Daniel Gibson and singer Keyshia Cole are now married.

The newleyweds were on a chopper ride and Keyshia tweeted the pic of them all smiles.

When we get those pics we'll have them for ya. In case you were still in doubt here's the official Keyshia Cole Tweet on the couple becoming one.

***Congrats to the couple!***

Video: Shaq Visits Harvard Med School for Sleep Apnea

He's spent dome time as a statue at Harvard square so now Big Shaq looks to combat his sleep apnea. The Harvard medical school will perform the test to determine if he indeed has sleep apnea and what his options are. Always nice to have someone beside you in the night that will nudge you when you stop breathing- but when do they sleep, anyway.

Gotta get that rest with out the scare of not breathing. So with the fitness workouts with girlfriend hoops ad the sleep apnea treatment, is eldest member of the association going to honor that final year of his contract. Well who knows just don't limp like you did last season big fella.That wasn't fun to watch at all.

Friday, May 20, 2011

SPOTTED: MJ and Steve Nash Having Fun

MJ showed up at the house he built, the United Center to surprise Oprah and send her off on the taping of her farewell shows...

After she got herself together she got pumped up and MJ got a kick out of it.

Steve Nash in the stands, staying true to his Canadian roots as he takes in a playoff game of the Vancouver Canucks... Don't drop that brew Steve...

Video: Blake Griffin Wants In On RAGE

So does Blake Griffin really have to do all of this to get in a video game not related to basketball?

I'm sure in this one-player action game named RAGE, they can find somewhere to fit in Blake having to aid the lead in leaping over something anything (just not the Tiger).

Just a Good Ole Boy

Don't act! You've yelled Yee-Haw before and don't say you haven't. Even if you yelled it in the shower you've done it. If you 6 or 86 you know who owns the Orange car running from the blue lights of a crooked government with the weakest K-9 in law enforcement history. Yes the General Lee from the "Dukes of Hazzard" but you knew that right.

Well Fab Five Alum Jalen Rose has owned one for the past 10 years but the time has come to give it up to support The Jalen Rose Leadership Academy which will open in the fall. If the car that made it's mark racing from Hazzard to Capital City to catch the dumbest criminals in any country-side can aid the development of youth in the city, hey sell that thing. Well don't sell it but auction it off.

After all you never know when you'll need the V8 engine to get away from something, what a better whip to do it in, your freedom is safe! If you wanna bid on it go ahead, but don't sleep it'll be gone by Monday

What NBA player owns Knight Rider, thats next to hit the auction block?

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Brandon Jennings: Overseas

Brandon Jennings is enjoying his trip in India. The Milwaukee Buck guard tweeted this pic of the group of fired up camp hoopers!

@BL00dline3 did indeed take to the cricket bat. Athletes will be athletes.

There also a good read from Afternoon Dispatch & Courier where Jennings talks about playing overseas out of high school and not college. The knowledge he learned about his craft during that one year was the experience he is benefiting from.

“There are two different styles of play in Europe and in the US. In America it’s all about star playing the lead while in Europe it’s all about team work. Players like Kobe Bryant and others have earned their place and have become a ‘star’,” Jennings said.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Landry Fields and Andy Rautins keep their bromance going through the off season

Andy Rautins and Landry Fields
It's no secret Landry Fields and Andy Rautins like each other.  They are two of the youngest Knicks and have turned New York City into their playground.  Whether they are driving home from a game and getting a flat tire  or going to a Yankees game and getting booed, they make sure to carve out time in their busy lives to spend time on their blossoming bromance.

Fields recently posted a picture of a sleeping Rautins with a hand made sign reading "will work for food" laying next to him.  At least we know that if there is a lock out next season, these two will have each other to make it through the long, cold, boring nights.
Andy Rautins

NBA FP TV Weekly: 5/17/11

Were jamming more and more in on another playoff edition of NBA-FP TV. This week where is everyone hanging out, fans are getting snapshots with off-season players and they are getting more and more creative in their support for their team. Twitter is booming with NBA Player tweets and we have the hottest covered. TRT 4:28

Pacer Dahntay Jones Bares Chest For Charity

Dahntay Jones is all about helping the youth and giving back. So in his latest project for his charity, The Dahntay Jones Foundation, he decided to go bare chested.

The proceeds from the photoshoot will benefit educational and after-school fitness programs for underserved youth. Good endeavor Mr. Jones.

Ok no bare chest here but this is a cool vintage-tyoe pic that fits well for Dahntay.

Ok now ladies be easy. Jones is dating WEEN and Hip Hop Social Action Network front woman Valeisha Butterfield so enjoy the pics from afar.


Monday, May 16, 2011

"Reggie Will You Get Off Me Now"...More Like DWade Move!

It happens no matter where you play, somebody does something that is going to be talked about for days at that same gym and the surrounding areas. From a crowd of neighbors to arena packed the brim and more eyes on a basketball game the past eight years.... everybody saw it.

If you didn't please go ahead....

So umm yeah, after watching this 99, 100, 101...150, 200 and counting times, we still get the same reaction. Some Heat fans quickly stated "it wasn't all that" type talk. Well today Zaire Wade even told dad, it was one of those kind of plays.

Watch the ballboys or the fan in the red shirt and jeans sitting courtside near the bench or how about the fan behind the basket in the black shirt and jeans, he's first out of his seat before the BOOM is completed, then pumps that fist because he knew he saw it coming. Now believe it or not there was a fan sitting right there and didn't even see it. Courtside seats, right to the left of the hoop, he never moves he never saw it, where does that happen at. Taj Gibson says he hasn't it seen either, however that was earlier by now I'm sure some real close family member tricked him in to watching it, some kind of way. Heck it's an outstanding basketball play, CJ Watson leading the 3-on-1 break, makes the defender commit and feeds Gibson whose filling the lane, trailing, whatever playing basketball, the defender is jumps and the rest it what everyone is talking about.

Funny thing is NO MATTER what happens the rest of the NBA Playoffs, "Gibson soaring over Wade" is forever locked in the memory bank.

Glad the defender didn't ask for the tapes back.

Spotted: Amar'e Stoudemire and Ciara in Miami

Amar'e Stoudemire is enjoying off-season. Now that he and singer Ciara have come public with their relationship they are living it up. The couple was spotted recently on Miami Beach cruising around on their his and hers mopeds.

Walking the beach in Miami is always relaxing. We think we like this couple.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Kevin Durant Has A South Beach Residence

Kevin Durant has purchased an off-season crib in Miami. Plenty of years left on his OKC contract so don't even think about another summer shifting event with him. Listen if you agreed to stay and play in OKC during the season at least your going to chill hard during the off-season wherever you want. You can see those early morning or late night pick-up runs now.

Durant purchased the 3-bedroom $1.8M Biscayne Blvd with the 900 address this spring according to the South Florida Business Journal.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Wizards Go Throwback With New Threads

John Wall and Jordan Crawford show off the new/old colors for the Washington Wizards.

Thank You Ted Leonsis, the new owner of the Wiz. Those other colors we just could not take them anymore and please don't have a throwback night with them either.

Yes the Wizards went back to their roots with these and how fitting. The Red, White and Navy (or Blue if you prefer) goes back to the days of the Bullets. Well since were not going to get that name back the color scheme will do.

The future looks bright and with Leonsis embracing the tradition of the Bullet/Wizards franchise by placing his own mark on the franchise. Now we can't wait to see what the court looks like.

Another Honor For The Legendary Bill Russell

Youth mentoring, active in human rights, 11-time champion, Hall of Famer (who has never visited the Hall of Fame in Springfield, MA) describes none other than Bill Russell.

The former Boston Celtic has been living longer than he earned a living lacing them up yet it's those years in his life where he can have the most effect. The saying is were all big kids. Why doesn't that apply to the elderly as well. In his mid 70's Bill Russell is still being a kid while being a stand up man and true to Bill Russell. His wisdom and experience is something each and everyone of us could use a little dose of from time to time.

William Felton Russell will be honored with a statue soon erected in Boston, MA. The Boston Celtic Shamrock Foundation and the Bill Russell Legacy Committee will fund the project.

From Julian Benbow, Russell stated via release...

“I am uncomfortable with honors such as this but my years as captain of the Boston Celtics were the proudest moments of my career.Mayor [Thomas] Menino’s Boston has proven to be a city that embraces the diverse contributions of all its people and neighborhoods. I am thankful to the Celtics and all the contributors for the effort to create such a wonderful mentoring program.”

For a man to be honored by the sports Hall of Fame and never set foot in the building you have to believe him.

Celtics co-owner Steve Pagliuca and president of the Shamrock Foundation said...

“Bill Russell will forever be remembered in Boston, and it’s fitting that the ultimate benefactors of his legacy will be future generations of our beloved city’s youth.”

Bill Russell should be remembered everywhere, from Monroe, LA to San Francisco to wherever. Russell was honored by President Barak Obama with a Medal of Freedom Award earlier this year, there is also the Bill Russell Mentoring Grant Program and Bill Russell Legacy Fund

NBA FP TV Weekly: 5/10/11

Respecting Our Elders, having fun with the fans, WAG report and Derrick Rose for the ladies. This week on NBA-FP TV Weekly Playoff Edition TRT 3:59

Monday, May 9, 2011

Landry Fields parties at Marquee

Landry Fields
Landry Fields's NBA season may be over, but that doesn't mean he's done partying in NYC.  According to popular NYC promoter Troy, Fields showed up at Marquee nightclub at 3am and turns out the 22 year old was a big hit with the ladies.

"They came to my table and girls flocked like PIGEONS when you throw bread in the street." 

Stay classy ladies of New York. 

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Video: Hornets Thank Fans That Are "IN"

Across the NBA this season the numbers are up in attendance and television ratings. No where was attendance more important than in the Big Easy. There was and attendance benchmark that needed to be met and on top of the league bought the franchise.

Walking on eggshells the entire season some would say but to GM Dell Demps, HC Monty WIlliams, PG Chris Paul and leading scorer David West, the Hornets won, and kept winning despite rough spots and injuries throughout the year. Now that their season is over they are thanking the fans of New Orleans for making it possible to bring NBA basketball back to New Orleans for another year. Even if you feel it shouldn't be there it is and some folks want to keep it that way.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Video: DRose MVP Commercial From Adidas

Deserved it was for Derrick Rose to be named the league MVP this season. Did you see the guy play? Better yet did you see the guy play when his hometown Windy City Bulls didn't have their full roster (Nov/Dec 2010). That is why he is the MVP. Carrying the team with key piece missing. Rose is low key, quiet ya know kinda keeps to himself, until tip-off and then he speaks in volumes...with his overall basketball "talents"/skill, no claptrap there.

DRose endorses Adidas and in return Adidas responded with a special commercial for the MVP. Oh and yea being the youngest player in history to win the award (ousting Wes Unseld) is just a sheer bonus. There were not many people against Rose for MVP but were just glad talent won out despite the age because even at 22 years young, the youngster has a grown man game. Now food for thought...he would have just completed his senior season at Memphis... and you wanted to see him play four years in college? He got his degree...in Hoopology. If an MVP Award in your fourth year, leading your team to the leagues best record, playing under a first-year head coach doesn't seal it then what will, oh a Championship, but you can earn your degree before you become a champion., it's just final exam time.

Episode 4: LeBron James Presents "The LeBrons"

I love this series.
Check out episode #4.
"Coach" of the all new animated series from the mind of LeBron

The LeBrons

Video: League MVP Derrick Rose shows off his "Home Away from Home"

Bulls TV presents "My Home Away from Home" with Derrick Rose.

team Bulls
*It's so sweet to see this soft spoken league super star share a bit of his world! 

Courtside: Playoffs bring the stars...Diddy, LaLa, Spike, Serena, Drake and Lil' Wayne

The playoffs draw more celebs to the sidelines than ever before.
Here's who we spotted this week.

Game 2 of Boston vs Heat (wherein the Celtics lost.) The Heat took the victory for Game 2 and now lead the series 2-0 with a (102-91) win.
Serena Williams with gal pals enjoy the game.

Rapper/singer Drake...dons a beard.

and oh! Drake is joined by rapper Lil' Wayne.
Drake with LeBron
*Let me guess who they want to win...hmmm

In game one of the series, The Miami Heat beat the Celtics last night (99-90).
But who cares because Diddy was there!
Hey Diddy!

Rapper Rick Ross enjoyed a cool one.

Ray J ...had to take his glasses off to see this play!

Rapper/singer Drake...is it that intense?

and Dwyane's girlfriend Gabrielle Union posed with Adrienne Bosh and Sabannah Brinson...and twitpic'd this.
Miami Heat WAGS "white out" to support the team.

Over on the west coast, wherein the Lake show...just might be over...

Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly, kiss for "Kiss Cam" at the Staples Center playoff match between the Lakers and the Mavs.
And before the Knicks started their off-season last week,

we found these folks at Madison Square Garden...when New York fell to Boston.
Knick ubberfan Spike Lee chats with the first lady of the Knicks, Lala.

Comedian Tracy Morgan came to give some love.

Spike Lee sits and takes in the ultimate fate of his beloved team.