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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Artest Speaks...With Sense Even If It Doesn't Make Any To You, It Does To Him

Well All Star weekend is behind us as the NBA schedule picks back up but we just keep getting stuff in from the weekend that we can't turn our backs to.

Ron Artest (yes just stay with us on this one) released his Mix tape over the weekend with very little fanfare but with much respect from the music industry.

Tonya Raymond of BallerStatus.com went in-depth with Ron Ron and actually came away with some sense of all the Ron Ron chatter...or lack of. On the topic of music Artest shared...

I've been speaking to a lot of these guys for a lot of years. When I first got in the music industry, people were kind of saying they don't know if basketball players are serious, and that was a bit disturbing. The biggest thing I did was the "Champion" song and then a lot of people were saying "Yo, that's a dope song". Nas told me he liked it and then The Game called my cell phone and was like "Yo Ron, that's a dope song. I didn't know you could deliver and had swag like that." I was totally shocked. I think a lot of people heard "Champion" -- it gives us a chance to do records with real artists and be a part of the industry.

I did a couple things with Fat Joe -- you got to build a lot of friends in the industry 'cause when you first get in it, there's a lot of sharks, mainly the people that's doing the business. In the music industry, you don't need a college degree, you don't know who the sharks are. I've been taken to deep waters and I've learned a lot in the music business, so I'm actually pretty good at the business now and becoming a better artist.

Hey you gotta give Artest cred he's at least doing his homework and studying. Now Ron is also in the shoe business. He claims the shoes are like Lambos...

Ball'n is my company -- me, Rodney, and another company called Mercury. Three owners. The shoe is not that expensive and it has something called D3o in it, when you have impact it absorbs more impact -- D30's in Lamborghini's. And actually no shoe has it, so my shoe is like a Lamborghini for $50.

Well aight then Ron and Lambo for 50 beans sounds good to me but I know better, that's half a tank for that whip but for the footwear, anythings worth a shot.