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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Marvel Comics and the NBA; a Superhero Connection

Yes sir those superheros that we all know, whether we grew up with them or after them or whatever are now getting involved with the NBA. The Marvel Universe is going to be sporting NBA logos in the future after this deal. More from the AP:

Which is why Marvel Entertainment LLC and the National Basketball Association are launching a new line of clothing, including caps, T-shirts and sweat shirts, at the upcoming NBA All-Star game later this month. The line pairs famous super heroes with famous NBA teams, including Spider-Man and the Knicks, and features other heroes from Thor to Captain America and Iron Man dressed in NBA team colors.

The super-hero-inspired line will ultimately be sold nationwide in an array of NBA cities, as well as online and in traditional stores.

Lisa Piken, senior director of appareling for the NBA, said the company's history of comics "gears toward children and young kids, and we like that as well, particularly the teamwork and having superpowers (and) we can tie that back to how our players are."

Now this is what were going to love. The superheros of the NBA and the superheros. Going after the child demographic. Heck a few of us around here are still big kids and I know someone has sneaked in a pre-order.

Now the line up the right characters with the right teams will be fun to watch. Knicks and Spiderman cool. Hulk and the Celt's ok. Wonder where Wolverine will end up?

But now what about DC Comics can they get worked in cause Superman (Shaq and Dwight Howard) and then Flash (DWade) and Batman and Robin (any great NBA duo has been called this at one point or another). Ok enough were not going to go overboard because Marvel has more than enough characters.