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Monday, February 7, 2011

Gilbert Arenas was served papers during the game!

We've been keeping watch of the drama between Gilbert Arenas and his estranged fiance' Laura Govan.

Now Gilbert Arenas was served with child support and custody papers as he left the court during halftime of the Magic's loss to the Heat on Thursday night.

Laura and kids


The court documents were a California petition filed by Laura Mendoza Govan. She identified herself as his ex-girlfriend in the documents.

The petition seeks custody and child support for three children whom Govan says Arenas fathered and has since "financially cut off." She is also seeking support for an unborn child, as well as monthly support for the other children.

She is seeking $109,000 in monthly support payments from Arenas.

Arenas said he wasn't surprised by Govan serving him with the petition. He also disputed her claim that he hasn't supported her financially.

"I don't pay much attention to it because this is who she is as a person," he said. "It's sad that it has to be in the public's eye. She gets money. I mean when a girl asks for $100,000 a month and you say no, that doesn't mean you're cut off. You're still getting 20. ... That's the thing that bothers me. She tells the world that she's not getting money. She gets $20,000 a month."