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Monday, November 1, 2010

Spotted: Halloween Wrap Up

Players love holidays and Halloween is no different.
Check out some of what we spotted.

Jamal Crawford is the half time performance act to the game he's watching.

Jamal Crawford getting down
The Celtics have fun, fun, fun house parties it seems.

Celtics...yes really.
Tiger Woods (Rajon Rondo)...you can make your own jokes. Paul Pierce is the Frog, from that Disney movie. And Kevin Garnett is...orange.
Celtics Halloween
Oh hey Big Papi...David Ortiz made an appearance. He's the masked man in the middle. (And pssst...Ray Allen is Michael Jackson, we think.)
Marquis Daniels

Marquis Daniels is praying in the bathroom.

Paul Pierce is a frog
Gabrielle Union turned 38 this past Friday.  And her man Dwyane Wade, and her celeb friends all partied it up in Florida in their Halloween costumes.

B-day party
And guess who Wade is dressed as?


He's Justin Beiber!

No...not buying it?

*sigh* Well, here's more.

Celeb friends

 Did you think Shaq wasn't going to be in on the day?!
That's Shaq...really!
Shaquille O'Neal and his girlfriend, Flavor of Love winner #1, Hoopz, play dress up!

And of course, Shaq loves to send us video proof of how much fun he has in life.

Dennis Rodman...is that you?He was at a book signing.

Check the full gallery here