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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Would you vote for Paul Millsap?

Paul Millsap is having his finest season yet for the Jazz. He is averaging career highs in points (20.6) and rebounds (9.1), and he also had a career high 46 points in the huge comeback win for the Jazz last week against the Miami Heat. He is arguably having an all-star season.

Yet this apparently doesn't seem to merit enough credibility to make the all-star ballot for this season. The ballots were released last week, and Millsap was not found among the 24 forwards in the West up for all-star considerations.

"This is still one of the things that I use to get over humps, to fight over adversity," Millsap said. "I use what other people say to my advantage....It kind of gives you a little extra (motivation), a little extra oomph about yourself, makes you want to go out there and show yourself."

He still has a good shot at making the squad, considering that the ballot is only to choose the starters for the squad, he still could make the team as a reserve. Still, this snub is a travesty given that players such as Mario Chalmers, Brendan Haywood, and Linas Kleiza were able to make the ballot