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Monday, November 8, 2010

Sloan Hands, A Comical Look at Sloan's Hands

Jazz coach Jerry Sloan is likely to sign an extension with the Utah Jazz as reported by the Salt Lake Tribune. “It’s just a matter of time and we’ll probably we get it worked out,” Sloan said. “This is how we do it every year. … I’m really not concerned about it.”

Sloan has been with the Utah Jazz for 23 consecutive seasons, reaching the playoffs in 19 of those seasons, so it comes as no surprise that the Jazz would want to keep Sloan in the mix for a few more years.

To make this news more interesting, there is a hilarious website that is entirely dedicated to the massiveness of Sloan's hands. Take a look at it and judge for yourself. http://sloanhands.blogspot.com/