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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Ed Burns will cheer for the Nets if Isiah Thomas comes back to the Knicks

Ed Burns isn't a of Isiah Thomas. 

The actor from "Saving Private Ryan" was born in Queens and grew up in Long Island. He's been a devoted Knicks fan since childhood, but according to the New York Post there is one thing that would make his dedication to the team come to an end. That thing is named Isiah Thomas. 

Ed Burns Twitter
Burns made it clear that if Thomas was brought back into the Knicks organization he would have no trouble switching out his Knicks gear for the New Jersey Nets. 

According to Burns it has nothing to do with not wanting to cheer for a losing team. "..it’s one thing to root for a losing team, but it’s another to do so and not like the team.”

The anti-Thomas sentiment isn't a strange one for most Knicks fan.  Earlier this fall when Thomas told ESPN he believed if given the opportunity he could have swayed Lebron James to come to the Knicks, New York fans were quick to call Thomas delusional and desperate. In the same interview he claimed he dreamed of replacing Donnie Walsh and bringing New York a championship in 2014. 

When Isiah Thomas was headcoach of the Knicks the team tied the franchise record of 59 losses in a single season.