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Thursday, November 18, 2010

This Weeks Date in NBA History: Drexler Scores 20K For Career

Don't tell me you didn't know that Cylde could fly, ok "Gylde" while on the hoops court. Yea he's another example of a guy that didn't win a title when MJ was running the hardwood in the 90's, (Karl, Reggie, 'Nique, GP, Kemp, Stockton, Sir Charles, Ewing...you get the point) yet did take MJ as far as he could go in '92, well one game short for you technical people out there.

Yes he did have to return to his college roots to win that title in '95 which was the second striaght for Houston, thanks to Nick Anderson's failed free throw attempts but nonetheless a title is a title, you can't take it from him. While in a Rockets uniform on November 24th 1996 Cylde scored his 20,000th point as a NBA pro. At the time he was the 24th player to do so and finished with 22,195 career points.

Just don't let those greats go unnoticed cause Cylde is a great. Original Dream Team member, has a ring and got the Hall of Fame induction to boot. Oh and he lead some damn good teams in Portland also.

Congrats Drex but um no more dancing just "gylding" ok.