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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Matt Barnes & Gloria get to keep pretending everything is "ok"....for now

Remember on Sept. 8th when Matt Barnes got arrested for "Chris Browning" his fiance? Well, Gloria did NOT press charges so Sacramento prosecutors won't file charges against the LA Laker even though the police who responded to the 911 call witnessed visable injuries on BOTH parties. I'm sure Gloria is over the moon right about now because it means she gets to keep on acting as if their relationship is still great.
For those of you who are unaware, Matt called off their August 21st wedding. Neither party would disclose why but rumors were swirling with numerous stories of him with other women (*allegedly)
I may not know much about the space program or how to fix a car engine but I KNOW FAKE PEOPLE when I see them. These two have put on this "we're so perfect & in love" crap for the cameras on the 1st season of VH1's BASKETBALL WIVES and slowly but surely,these two are finally being exposed for who they really are. Matt is known for acting like a thug on the court & by throwin' up gang signs on his twitter page all the while whining & moaning like a little girl when the tv show aired footage of his girl being a snobby, insensitive little ***** when Shaq's ex-wife confronted her about her knowledge of her sister sleeping with Shaq. As the world watched Gloria toot up her nose and show no remorse for Shaunie, Matt of course saw it differently and decided to go on a unrelentless crusade via twitter to blast the rest of the ALL FEMALE cast for portraying Gloria in a negative light.
A wise man once told me that men who get involved in women's issues might as well have "lady parts"....(#imJustSayin)_ Matt should take the memo & sit down somewhere.


Marty said...

They're weird. And I agree fake!