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Monday, December 6, 2010

NBA Are You Watching, The Globetrotters Have A 4-Point Shot

Like it or not you've got to admit that you've thought of it also, well at the local Y at least. Bust a 35-footer with under 3 minutes in the quarter and it's worth four points. That's the way it will work on the Globetrotters North American Tour in 2011, i guess to give the Generals more of a fighting chance. Hey that's what the Globetrotters do but is there a place for it in the NBA. Heck it took long enough to get the 3-point shot in so I guess it's time to start cracking the ice on the 4-pointer. Thing is if you let it in then how much longer is a shot beyond mid-court going to be worth 5 points?

Let's hope the Association stays away from this and let it remain a trick of the trade by the Globetrotters as I'd really hate to see Kevin Love extended a game against the Celtics by dropping in a 4-pointer as time expired. Now in an All-Star game...we'd be all for that because after all it is an exhibition game.

Well for your viewing pleasure check out the vid of the Globetrotters practicing the shot and how they will use it to continue to destroy the Washington Generals