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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Photos: Lakers Meet President Obama

A few days ago the Lakers went to the White House.

Lakers vist the President
Kobe Bryant and President Obama were packing up packages and letters for the troops at the Washington DC Boys & Girls Club.

Pres and Kobe packing

Ron Artest with the Pres

It was reported that President Obama (a Bulls fan) was talking trash to Kobe.
From Dave McMenamin at ESPNChicago.com:
"Derrick Rose may have your number," President Obama lightheartedly jabbed at Kobe Bryant as the team posed for a photograph after presenting the president with an autographed replica 2009-10 championship banner, like the one that hangs at Staples Center.
Without skipping a beat, Bryant made a similar transition from gracious guest at the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Washington, where the Lakers participated in a series of community service projects, to a proud player protecting his spot at the top of the pecking order.
"I said, 'If he calls that number, I'll be sure to pick up after the fifth ring,'" Bryant quipped back -- referring, naturally, to the five championship rings he has.

President Obama talking smack.
 NBA Fanhouse has a full photo gallery of the trip.