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Monday, December 13, 2010

Law and Order: Kings Asst Coach Popped With Suspicion Of DUI

Mario Elie has hit many a game winners and clutch shots so he knows a big game and how to win one...at least as a player. As a current assistant coach he just was beside himself after the Sacramento Kings sailed to an easy 116-91 win over the Washington Wizards last week.

Hours after the game in downtown Sac town, Elie found himself in the mug shot line for suspicion of DUI.

California Highway Patrol Officer Adrian Quintero said an officer saw a 1993 Mercedes on westbound L Street approaching 15th Street with a non-working right tail-light at 12:55 a.m. The officer put on his patrol unit lights. The Mercedes turned left on L Street, left on Capitol Mall and then pulled over.
Quintero said the officer noticed an odor of alcohol and signs the driver, Elie, appeared intoxicated. The officer conducted a breathalizer test on Elie which showed a blood alcohol level of more than .08, the legal limit, Quintero said. Elie, 47, was arrested.
Elie made the following statement in a news release from the Kings:
“I was pulled over last night on my way home for having a broken taillight. I had been out and had a couple of drinks. My blood alcohol level was slightly over the legal limit. I’m very sorry, embarrassed and disappointed for the position in which I put myself and team. Rest assured, it won’t happen again as I take full responsibility for my actions.”

Mario Elie
Elie was a man with the whole thing so you can say it's not an issue, yet just can't get the image out of your head of how Mario may have just got caught up in the laughter of JaVale McGhee's blown free throw line dunk attempt on the long, very long end of a 25-point game for the Wiz.


Anonymous said...

The old Broken tail light... MO.. Uhmmmm!

That Police investigation seemed to be a 'self-agrandising' publicity stunt off of the back of someone with fame...

Why else would they issue a police statement that documents about as much about Mario Elie's career and stature with the Kings as they did in the police report?

Did that cop make his quota, while helping ruin a man's career?

Elie owned up to what he did (or may have done) ...

Anonymous said...

What's in officer Quintero's closet... He must hate tall people.. or he has season tickets or something.. Is he the guy from the same precint which was responsible for catching other Kings players some months before?