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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Brooklyn New Yorkers The Next NBA Team?

Now let's see the Nets are in Newark and Brooklyn will be their home, wow that was hard to find out. Everything is so far from official with this but with all of the other changes being made in the Nets organization why no go ahead and change the whole name. The name Brooklyn New Yorkers has recently been sought by a Phliadelphia law firm for trademark protection of this name.

We love the whole name game thing, like if Seattle gets a team again will they be the Supersonics with their records back from OKC or just an expansion Supersonics-we think Supersonics is the only name that will work in Seattle. If the Hornets are forced to move again will their ownership group think about renaming them? The Bobcats were named because of their original owner, Robert Johnson. When MJ took over there was talk of renaming them but little if any has came out about that of late. At any rate the name games are always fun and the organizations sometimes look to the fans for suggestions or votes for the teams nickname, so how how about this one, like it or no, let us know!

Will 2012 get her soon enough. The Knicks are coming back on the scene strong and with the marketing blitz that is underway by both franchises,most of the foundation is in place for a great city rivalry. Now the current Nets have to be ready to carry the name of the Brooklyn New Yorkers much better than that of the New Jersey Nets or Nets Basketball


Anonymous said...

That is the worst name ever. Nuff said.