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Monday, December 13, 2010

Facebook, Tweet: Brandon Jennings New Love

Brandon Jennings is only 21 years old.
So by generation default...his life is an open book...for all of us on the interweb to see.

Fear the deer, of course!
And we love him for that. I mean let's be honest...with his throw back, side cut flat top last season...it was the internet that really put him on the map...not just the basketball.

Last week he just realized on Facebook that he was in Milwaukee.
yup..you're in Milwaukee.
And now the young buck has found love.

Brandon in the the sack
The face with Jennings is a young entertainer named Teyana Taylor.

According to Wikipedia:
Teyana M.J. Taylor is an American socialite, singer, rapper, choreographer, dancer and actress from Harlem, New York. She is signed to Star Trak Entertainment and is most notable for her debut single, “Google Me”. 
Here's her video:

Now it's no surprise the this girl ended up with a baller. We saw her snooping around every event during All Star in Dallas this year. And it was her. ...The hair.
I'm just sorry it took almost a year for her to clamp on to a player.

Here's more pics of the couple who wants to share their love with...us?
tweet, tweet

shopping around