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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Video: T-Wolves Anthony Tolliver's Decision Spoof

Timberwolves Anthony Tolliver did a really low budget spoof on the "Decision" special ESPN did this summer when LeBron James announced his moved to Miami. You remember that?

Tolliver wrote

ESPN: The Ocho wanted to do an hour special on my decision, but I decided to just do a 1 minute special at home instead ;)
Here's his video:

Tolliver says he meant no disrespect to LeBron James when he announced his decision to sign with Minnesota on YouTube.

"If he sees the video, he should know it had nothing to do with him personally," Tolliver said.
"It was more of me having fun with the situation. I didn't make the video for him. I made it for people who know me, my family and friends. I try to tell people it had nothing to do with him. It was just one of those things that blew up."
We say...Tolliver, you made the list. (You know the LeBron James Hater list...that he will remember everyone who spoke bad about him.)

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